Preset Filters for Reports

Currently this feature is only available for Family Reports (REPORTS>FAMILIES).

If you commonly use the same filters when running reports, you can now save them as Presets!  Simply load a Preset Filter whenever you open the report page, set your date range and click to generate the report in your preferred format.

To Save a Preset Report Filter:

  1. After setting filters, click SAVE AS NEW PRESET. This will launch the "Create Preset" window:
  2. Enter a unique PRESET NAME to identify your filters.
  3. Select who can see the PRESET. Clicking “Let Me Choose” will bring up options to select specific staff members or Staff Usergroups:
  4. Click SAVE PRESET once you are finished.
  5. To use the Preset in the future, select it from the “Preset” drop-down menu.


  • Presets are saved Per-User and Per-Report (since filters differ between reports).
  • Presets DO NOT SAVE DATES.
  • You can edit the selected filters on a saved PRESET choosing it from the menu and then clicking UPDATE PRESET after making your changes.
  • You can rename, delete, or organize saved PRESETS clicking on “Manage Presets” and selecting the appropriate option next to the PRESET on the list.

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