What is the Camp Enrollment Block Report (CAM-3)?

Learn about the Camp Enrollment Block Report (CAM-3), its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the Camp Enrollment Block Report?

The Camp Enrollment Block Report is a list of enrolled students by camp and an indicator as to which block(s) they have selected.

NOTES: Chosen filters that relate to enrollments will produce results that are true based on the Start Date/End Date you select when generating the report.

Available Formats

The Camp Enrollment Block Report is available in either HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.

Available Filters

General Filters

  • START DATE/END DATE: the report will show all camps/students for which there are camp dates that overlap the date range.

    • ONLY SHOW CAMPS/STUDENTS WITHIN DATE RANGE: if enabled, the report will show only those camps/students that actually meet within the date range.

  • STATUS (Active/Inactive)
  • LOCATIONS: the system will only include students with enrollments associated with the selected Location(s) in the results.
  • CHOOSE PROGRAM: select a Program to limit the report to only students with an active enrollment in a class associated with that program. (Because students are only associated with a Program when an active enrollment is present, this filter will not have any effect on the results if the STATUS filter is set to “All” or “Inactive”.)
  • CHOOSE CAMP: select a Camp to limit the report to only students with an active enrollment in the Camp, as determined by the ADVANCED ACTIVE/INACTIVE SEARCH or AS OF DATE.

Display Options

  • Show: Select any of these options to include additional information on the report.
    • Age
    • Birthday
    • Gender
    • E-mail Address
    • Account Balance
    • Rollsheet Comment
    • Questions
      • Deleted Questions

Print Layout

  • Landscape
  • Print Rows for Max Enrollments – includes blank rows to allow for the maximum number of camp enrollments.
  • Print 3 Extra Rows

NOTE: Camp enrollments are considered ACTIVE in a camp for a period of time starting with the first block they have selected and ending with the last block. Therefore, if a student is enrolled only on May 5th and May 8th, their enrollment will be considered active from May 5th-May 8th (also encompassing May 6th and 7th).

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