How Do I Make a Staff Member Inactive?

Learn how to inactive a staff member's profile if the staff member leaves or otherwise needs to have their login permissions revoked.

Never delete a staff profile. You will lose ALL historical records attached to that staff member. This includes time clock data and any history of the staff member instructing classes and camps or hosting parties.
Appointments related to a deleted staff member will also be deleted from history, including the booking and attendance details. To ensure the records are maintained, they would need to be assigned a different staff member prior to deleting the original staff member's profile.

Remove the staff member as a class/camp instructor

Remove the staff member from ongoing classes by un-checking the staff on the class details.

If the instructor is attached to several classes, we recommend filtering the CLASSES page by the instructor, clicking "Select All" and then using the Quick Edit tool to remove the instructor from the class.

Remove the staff member's permissions

Removing the staff member from any assigned User Group and/or setting their advanced permissions to "NONE" will remove their ability to log into iClassPro.

To do this:

  1. Go to the STAFF page and locate the staff member in question.
  2. Click the pencil/edit icon next to their user profile.
  3. Go to the PERMISSIONS tab and set the User Group drop-down to "No Groups Selected." (If the staff member had "Admin Access (Full Permissions)" enabled, you will need to uncheck this option to see the User Group menu.)
  4. If the staff member had any additional permissions enabled, be sure you set all of them to "NONE."
  5. SAVE the staff member.

Set the staff member's profile as Inactive

  1. Go to the STAFF page and locate the staff member in question.
  2. Click the pencil/edit icon next to their user profile.
  3. On the DETAILS tab, navigate to the "Login Information" area and set the STATUS drop-down to "Inactive."
  4. SAVE the staff member.
  5.  A message will appear with the following: 
  6.  Select "Yes" to confirm. (Selecting "No, Thanks!" will return to the staff edit screen without making any changes.) 
  7. This staff member is now marked as Inactive.

Extra security measures

By setting the staff member to inactive and removing their permissions.  This ensures that the staff member can no longer log into or access iClassPro in any way. All records attached to that individual will be kept on file for future reference.  Class roll sheets will not show inactive instructors. Additionally, if the staff member ever returns, their account can be restored by returning permissions and the Active status.

iClassPro is a secured site so you can rest assured that the measures above will keep out any unwanted users.

However, if you feel that more security measures are necessary, here are some additional steps that can be taken to prohibit a staff member from logging in.

  • Change the email for the staff member to something they cannot access so that a password cannot be retrieved using the Forgot Password link.
  • Change the staff member's username to something long and random.
  • Change the staff' member's password to something long and random with special characters.

Need more assistance?

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