What is an Enrollment Type?

Learn about the different enrollment types/statuses available in iClassPro, how they are used, and best practices when transferring a student from one enrollment type to another.

What is an Enrollment Type?

An enrollment type (also referred to as an "enrollment status") describes the different ways a student can be associated with a class. These include Active, Trial, Make Up, Single Day and Wait.

Any time you create an enrollment as a staff member or approve an enrollment request, you have the opportunity to choose the appropriate enrollment type from a drop-down menu.

Which Enrollment Types are available?

Each enrollment status has a unique purpose. Reports can be used to pull lists of students based on the enrollment status and enrollment dates.

  • Active: The Active status is for a standard enrollment, to indicate the student is actively enrolled in the class as of the start and drop dates entered on the enrollment.
  • Trial: The Trial status is for free trial enrollments in classes. These trial enrollments will count toward the maximum enrollment capacity established on the class.
  • Make Up: The Make Up status is used to signal students who are making up for missed enrollment dates. Make Up enrollments are also considered free within the system and will count toward the maximum enrollment capacity on classes. 
  • Single Day: The Single Day enrollment status is used to enroll a student for a single class session. Unlike Make Up or Trial enrollments, there is a fee associated with these enrollments. Single Day enrollments will count toward the maximum enrollment capacity established on the class.
    • Please refer to our "Single Day Enrollments" document for more information on configuring and creating Single Day enrollments. 
  • Wait: The Wait status places the student's enrollment on a wait list for the class with a time and date stamp for the request. Waitlisted students can then be added as an active enrollment to the class when a spot opens up (To give your staff complete control over the enrollment process, this is not done automatically).

Additional Recommendations

When moving students from one enrollment type to another (such as from a Waitlisted enrollment to an Active enrollment), it is always important to consider the history that you want left behind on the student's enrollment records.

For example, to maintain a record that the student was on the wait list, but then switched to an active enrollment, you will want to put a drop date on the original wait list enrollment, then create a brand new enrollment starting the next day with the active status. Simply changing the status on the enrollment from Wait to Active will not preserve the history of the previous enrollment status.

When dropping one enrollment and creating another to maintain history, it is important to keep in mind how enrollment start dates/drop dates work in iClassPro:

  • Enrollment Start Date: As of 12:00 AM on this date, the student will be considered active in their enrollment.
  • Enrollment Drop Date: As of 11:59 PM on this date, the student is dropped from their enrollment.

When moving a student from one ACTIVE-type enrollment to another ACTIVE-type enrollment in another class, we recommend using the option to "Transfer an Enrollment" rather than dropping the current enrollment and creating a new one. Transferring enrollments maintains a connection to the original enrollment that will help prevent the system for charging a student for the new enrollment if they have already paid for the original.

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