What is a Wait List Enrollment?

Learn about Wait List enrollments how they are created and used in iClassPro, and why an enrollment may have been submitted as a Wait List enrollment even if there are active spots available in the class.

What is a Wait List enrollment?

There are several types of enrollments in iClassPro, including: Active, Trial, Make Up, Single Day and Wait. Generally, a student can only have one type of enrollment at a time in any given class. The only exception to this is a Wait List enrollments.

Wait List enrollments can exist concurrently with a Single Day, Trial or Makeup enrollment. (For example, you cannot have a Trial in a class the student is already Actively enrolled in. However, they could be on a Wait List for a class, but still take a Single Day, Makeup or Trial enrollment in that class.)

Active, Trial, Single Day and MakeUp enrollments always count against the total number of openings in a class. However, Wait List enrollments do not take an active spot in the class, as the student is not expected to actually attend the class -- they are just "waiting" for an active spot to be available.

Creating a Wait List Enrollment in the Office Portal

All staff members who have permissions to create and edit enrollments have the ability to create an enrollment using any of these types. All he/she has to do is select the type "Wait" when creating the student's class or camp enrollment.

For more information about creating enrollments, see How to Create New Class Enrollment and Create a Camp Enrollment.

Creating a Wait List Enrollment in the Customer Portal

In order to allow customers to request to be on a Wait List for a class or camp, you must have the Customer Portal set to "Allow Visitors to Request a Class that is Full" or "Allow Visitors to Request a Camp that is Full". These options are found under Settings>Customer Portal>Other Settings>Class Registration and Settings>Customer Portal>Other Settings>Camp Registration (respectively). This way, when a class/camp is full (or has 0 openings) it will be listed on the Customer Portal with the option to select Wait List.

After clicking Wait List, the customer will fill out the enrollment form for the Wait List enrollment. After adding the request to their cart, the customer will need to complete the checkout process to submit the request.

After submitting the request, the customer's enrollment will display as a request in the Enrollments section of the Customer Portal until it is approved by a staff member.

The request will come into staff through the Online Activity. Click on the magnifying glass to open the request.  After reviewing the information, Approve or Deny the request from the Enrollment window.

Why are there Wait List enrollments in a class that has openings?

Typically, iClassPro should only create a Wait List enrollment in a class under the following scenarios:

  • The class is full, and the option to "Allow Visitors to Request a Class That is Full" is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION.
  • The class is full, and a staff member manually creates the enrollment from the Office Portal.

A Wait List enrollment should rarely be created in a class that has openings. However, there are certain scenarios where this may occur.

  1. "Allow Visitors to Request a Wait List Enrollment (When Not Full)" is enabled.
    When this option is enabled, customers will be allowed to request a WAIT type enrollment, even though there are still openings in the class.  However, the enrollment will come through as a request and must be approved by a staff member.
  1. The Cart Reservation system is forcing an enrollment to Wait List if temporary enrollments in the class exceed the maximum number of enrollments.
    The Customer Portal uses a Cart Reservation system to maintain the first-come, first-served method of reservation.  Enrollments placed in the shopping cart are stamped with the time they were added and are given priority based on that time.  Once the maximum number of enrollments in the class has been reached, any other enrollments added to the shopping cart will be submitted as a Wait List enrollment.

    Occasionally, someone with an ACTIVE type enrollment abandons their cart or fails to check out prior to the Cart Reservation Timeout limit.  If someone with a Wait List enrollment submits their enrollment before this time expires, that enrollment will still be flagged as a Wait List enrollment, and the ACTIVE enrollment will be released when the Timeout limit expires.

    NOTE: because the Customer Portal counts WAIT enrollments against available class occupancy, it will not allow another user to claim the ACTIVE spot unless the total of ACTIVE enrollments and Wait List enrollments is less than the maximum occupancy.
  1. A staff member manually created the Wait List enrollment via the Office Portal.
    Since staff members can select the enrollment type when manually creating enrollments, the system would not prevent them from creating a Wait List enrollment in a class that still has openings.
  1. An active enrollment recently dropped and a Wait List enrollment already existed.
    Because iClassPro does not automatically convert Wait List enrollments to ACTIVE when an opening becomes available, class occupancy will reflect both an opening and a Wait List enrollment if a student should drop from the class.
  1. Multiple siblings submit attempt to enroll for the same enrollment opening.
    This is a rare occurrence; however, if two siblings submit an enrollment request for the same class opening, the student whose enrollment was placed in the shopping cart first will be automatically approved for the enrollment, and the sibling's enrollment will be submitted as a Wait List. This scenario overrides the setting under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION>"Allow Visitors to Request a Class That is Full" to allow the enrollment process to complete.

Staff will only be able to edit the "Enrollment Type" field for WAIT type enrollments if that enrollment is NOT linked to a transfer. For WAIT type enrollments that ARE linked to a Transfer, the "Enrollment Type" field will be disabled when editing the enrollment. If a staff member needs to change this WAIT enrollment to another enrollment type, they will need to create a new enrollment of that type, then edit the WAIT enrollment to either add a drop date or delete the enrollment. When transferring a WAIT enrollment to an ACTIVE enrollment in the same class, they will need to use the approved method to convert it.

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