What is the First Enrollments Report (CLA-20)?

Learn about the First Enrollments Report (CLA-20), its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the First Enrollments Report?

The First Enrollments Report provides a list of all first enrollments within a specified date range. The report includes the Location, Student, Guardian, Enrollment Type, Class, Level, Schedule, Instructor(s), Start Date, Drop Date, Primary Email, and Primary Phone.


  • Chosen filters that relate to enrollments will produce results that are true based on the Start Date/End Date you select when generating the report. 
  • If a student is marked "ABSENT" on their first date of class, or attendance is not recorded, the enrollment will continue to appear until the student is marked "PRESENT" in class for the first time.

If you commonly use the same filters when running this report, you can now save them as Presets! Simply load a Preset Filter whenever you open the report page, set your date range and click to generate the report in your preferred format. See our "Preset Filters for Reports" document for more information.

Available Formats

The New Enrollments List Report is available in either HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.

Available Filters

General Filters

  • FIRST ENROLLMENT TYPE - selecting one or more "First Enrollment" types will limit the report to only those enrollment type(s).
    • First enrollment ever - no previous enrollments exist in the database at all for this student.
    • First enrollment at this Location - no previous enrollments exist in the database connected to this Location. (Note: if there is only one Location in your account, you may wish to disable results for this option.)
    • First enrollment at this Class Level - no previous enrollments exist in the database connected to classes with the selected Class Level(s).
    • First enrollment in Class - no previous enrollments exist in the database connected with this specific class (based on the internal Class ID).
  • START DATE/END DATE: the system will only look at enrollments that began within this specific date range. (If left blank, the system will default to the current date as the Start Date and leave the drop date NULL.)
  • LOCATIONS: If there is more than one active location on the account, results will only reflect the currently selected location by default. Select all locations to have the system consider classes in all active locations, not just the selected location.
  • DAY OF WEEK: choose a specific day of the week to limit the report to show only enrollments in classes that meet on the selected day(s).
  • CHOOSE CLASS LEVELS: choose one or more Class Level(s) to limit the report to only enrollments in classes associated with the selected Level(s).
  • CHOOSE INSTRUCTORS: choose one or more Instructor(s) to limit the report to only enrollments in classes assigned to the selected Instructor(s).
    • NOTE: This option refers to permanently assigned instructors only.
  • CHOOSE CLASSES: choose one or more Classes to limit the report to only enrollments in the selected classes.

Display Options

  • PRINT STUDENT/GUARDIAN NAMES AS ‘LAST NAME, FIRST NAME’: by default, the report shows the Student and Guardian names in "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" format. By enabling this option, you can reverse this to "LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME", making it easier to sort in Excel or another spreadsheet program.
  • SHOW ENROLLMENT NOTES: if enabled, the report will include any additional enrollment notes.

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