How Do Appointments Interact with Punch Passes?

Learn about how iClassPro’s appointments feature interacts with the Punch Passes feature.

Why use Punch Passes with appointments?


Unlike classes, appointments already allow users to easily find and book individual appointment timeslots, so what value do Punch Passes deliver with the appointments feature? 

The biggest advantage that Punch Passes can bring to the appointments feature is by allowing alternative "package pricing" for multiple appointments. The Punch Pass is purchased up-front, so it doesn't require the customer to know when they will be attending at the point of purchase. And because the Punch Pass pricing takes the place of the standard appointment booking, this enables customers to pay a different rate for the pass than they would for the same number of individually purchased appointment bookings.


How are appointments connected to Punch Passes?

If your business has created Punch Passes for use with classes that are not restricted to specific classes or programs, then appointments will also appear among the options for redeeming those Punch Passes by default.

To create a Punch Pass that is only able to be redeemed for appointments, the appointments themselves must be created under a separate program from any classes. Further, creating different programs for different types of appointments will allow the Punch Pass to differentiate between which appointments should be included.

When the Punch Pass is created, the "For Classes" section at the bottom allows restrictions to be added for what classes (or appointments) are included when using a punch. To restrict the pass to only certain appointments, choose "By Location/Program" and then select the program(s) to include from the drop-down menu.

To learn more about creating Punch Passes, click here to read the article.


How are Punch Passes Redeemed for appointments?

Punch Passes must first be purchased for a specific student from the Point of Sale. After purchasing, the Punch Passes will be listed in the enrollments view for the family or student it was purchased under.

While appointments can allow Punch Pass redemption, there is no way to designate appointments as "Punch Pass eligible only". This means that the appointments will remain visible under the service in the bookings page in the Customer Portal for traditional booking and will need to have a pricing schedule attached to accommodate that booking method.  

Appointments that have the "Group Appointment" option enabled are not eligible for Punch Pass redemption.

How do staff users redeem Punch Passes for appointments in the Office Portal?

To redeem a Punch Pass for an appointment booking in the Office Portal, staff will need to open the enrollments view under the family or student, then find the Punch Pass they have purchased. Select the punch-in option to open a list of available classes or appointments.
Once a pass has been redeemed, the number utilized will increase (on the right of the pass listing). Clicking on the underlined use number, you will be able to access a list of which enrollments the pass was redeemed for and when it was booked.

The appointment that the pass was redeemed for will also appear in the enrollments list above the punch passes for this student.

For more detailed instructions, click here to view our article on redeeming Punch Passes in the Office Portal.


How do customers redeem Punch Passes for appointments in the Customer Portal?

When both appointments and Punch Passes are made accessible in the Customer Portal, customers can access the My Account area, then choose the Passes icon under the student. 

Next to the Punch Pass the customer would like to use, they will see options to "use for class" or "use for appointment" to look up available items under each section of bookings.

After a punch pass has been used, one of the "punches" fills in. The customer can hover over the punch to view what date and enrollment it was redeemed for. 

The appointment that the pass was redeemed for will also appear in the enrollments list accessible from the student card under the "My Account" area.

For more detailed instructions, click here to view our article on redeeming Punch Passes in the Customer Portal.

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