How Can I Issue Mass Credits?

Learn how to use the TRANSACTIONS>CREDITS task to issue account credits to multiple customers at once.

What are Mass Credits?

In iClassPro, the credits transaction under TRANSACTIONS>CREDITS allows you to issue account credits for a specific dollar amount to multiple customers at once. These credits can be used to reduce outstanding charges on customer accounts by first creating the credit using this task and then applying it, (using the Apply Credits option in the Payments task).

Common uses for mass credits are for issuing credit for a holiday or emergency, promotional credit, and discounting total tuition billing for families signed up with recurring billing/autopay.

How the Filters Work

The Credits area is set up to follow a conversational-based filter system, meaning that as you answer questions, more questions will appear until you reach the point that you have entered all the required filters and you are given the option to preview the customers that meet those requirements.

Credits can be issued to customers in one of three ways:

  • Once Per Family - Creates a single flat rate credit for each qualifying family (most commonly used as a promotional tool).
  • Once Per Student - Creates a single flat rate credit for each qualifying student (most commonly used as a promotional tool).
  • Once Per Enrollment - This option is most commonly used for unexpected closures.

Running the Mass Credits Task

If your business runs multiple locations out of one account, all credits generated by the Mass Credits task will automatically be associated with the location selected at the top of the screen.

Therefore, you may wish to run the task once per location if you allow parents to apply available credit via the Customer Portal.

  1. Enter a Description for the credit which will be used as part of the credit's title. 
  2. Choose the Credit Type that will be used to record and track the credit in the bank deposit report.
  3. Select the Date the credit is being issued for.
  4. Enter the Amount of the credit. Credits can only be entered as amounts, not percentages.
  5. Choose how to issue the credits to customers.
  6. Choose whether to issue the credit to all customers (grey switch), or only to those with outstanding charges (green switch).
  7. (Optional) If the customer must have autopay information on file to receive the credit, expand the Autopay Method filters and select the required form(s) of stored payment information.
  8. (Optional) If the customer must have a charge with a specific charge category to receive the credit, expand the Charge Category filter and select the required charge categor(ies). If this charge must be outstanding, the switch in step 6 should be toggled as green.
  9. (Optional) If the customer must be associated with a specific Student Keyword or Family Keyword, expand the Keyword filters and select the required keyword(s). Class Keywords, Camp Keywords and Program Keywords are chosen under the Enrollment Filters section.
  10. (Optional) If the customer must be enrolled on a specific day, in a specific location, certain class(es) or camp(s), specific program(s) or associated with a Class Keyword, Camp Keyword or Program Keyword to qualify for the credit, expand the Enrollment Filters section and click Add Enrollment Filter to begin. 
    Adding multiple enrollment filters will require that the customer has that exact combination of enrollments. For example, if you classes A and B are selected in the credits task, then the customer will have to be enrolled in both classes to receive the credit. To issue credits for students enrolled in either Class A or Class B, the credits would have to be run separately - once for each class.
  11. Once all of your filters have been added, click Preview. The preview will generate in your background tasks for safe keeping but should open automatically if you do not navigate away from the page.
  12. At the top of the preview, is a Filter Summary. Click Show to review all filters from the previous page.
  13. Review the list of customers that has been generated for credits. Customers with a box highlighted in blue will be issued a credit in the specified amounts. If you make corrections to families, students or enrollments, you must run a new preview to see the changes.
  14. When you are ready, click Process to post the credits to customer accounts.

Posting the credits can take some time. You can review the progress of the task in your background tasks.

Record Keeping

Once complete, the task status will read "Done" and a down arrow will appear next to the task. Clicking the down arrow will take you to a summary page of all credits that were processed and the filters used for creating the credits. To save this information, click Save to CSV to generate this document in your background tasks.

Once complete, click on the document icon or down arrow to save the file for your records.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).