What are Keywords?

Learn about Keywords, how they are created and assigned, and how you can use them to help identify specific families, students, staff members, classes or camps for reporting and marketing purposes.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are labels you can assign for identification and filtering purposes in iClassPro. You can create keywords for families, students, classes, staff, programs, camps, or appointments.

How are Keywords used?

Assigning keywords allows you to identify specific groups of people, types of classes, camps, or appointments, or programs belonging to a specific portion of your business! The keywords can then be used as filters from various pages of iClassPro as well as pulling reports.

Creating & Customizing Keywords

Go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Keywords

  1. Click Add New Keyword.
  2. Enter the Keyword Name.
  3. Check the boxes for the keyword types you would like to create. This should be any items on the list the keyword will be directly associated with. 
  4. Click Create.

Keywords are handled differently in the system based on which keyword type is chosen.  For example:

  • FamilyStudent and Staff keywords are permanently assigned to families, students or staff accounts and do not change based on enrollment status.  To remove one of these keywords you will need to go into the family, student or staff member's profile and manually uncheck the association on the "Keywords" tab.
  • Class, Camp, Program, and Appointment keywords are permanently assigned to classes, camps, programs or appointments, but the association of that keyword with family, student or staff member only occurs while a student has an active enrollment in the class, camp, program, or appointment, or while a staff member is assigned as an instructor to a class, camp, program, or appointment with that keyword assigned.

    For example, a student will be associated with a class keyword of "Team" while they are actively enrolled in a class with that keyword assigned.  Once their enrollment drops, they will no longer be associated with it.

    Likewise, a staff member will be associated with a class keyword of "Team" while they are assigned as an instructor to a class with that keyword assigned.  if they are removed as an instructor on that class, they will no longer be associated with it.

Assigning/Unassigning & Using Keywords

To assign keywords to Families, Students, Classes, Appointments, Camps, or Staff, go to the corresponding page.

  1. Use the search filters to find the people, classes, or camps to be associated with the keyword.
  2. If necessary, adjust the Page View at the top right to include all results in the same window.
  3. Check the boxes for the items in the list you would like to assign the keyword to. 
  4. At the bottom of the page, click the Keywords icon.
  5. In the window, choose the keyword to associate with the selected items. (Be sure to select the keyword from the appropriate section.)
  6. Click Assign to begin assigning the keyword.
  7. The keyword will be assigned in your background tasks. Wait for the task to complete before trying to search or report using the keyword.

To mass remove keywords, follow steps 1-5 above. but click Unassign on step 6.

NOTE: Keywords can also be assigned individually by editing Class, Appointment, Camp, Student, Family, or Staff Member, clicking on the Keywords tab, checking the keyword in the list, and clicking SAVE. To use Keywords with a Program, edit your Program by going to SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>PROGRAMS.
To remove a keyword individually, follow the same instructions above, but uncheck the assigned keyword and then click SAVE to update.

Need more assistance?

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