How Do I Change My Account Name?

Learn about the process of changing your iClassPro account name.

As businesses grow and progress, sometimes business names change. Within iClassPro, admins can update the business name and location name as needed.

However, only our customer success team can change your account name. This decision has some broader implications that should be considered and discussed by members of your business or business partners.

Understanding the Role of Your iClassPro Account Name

iClassPro was designed around the idea of using unique account names to access different business accounts. Your iClassPro account name is a part of the login process and the URLs/links that staff and customers use to access your account and make changes. This means your account name has two major implications:

  1. No two businesses using iClassPro can have the same account name. This is a good thing, as we wouldn't want customers to get confused and attempt to log into an account that belongs to a different business. This also means that businesses that have very similar or common names for the industry can find it difficult to choose a unique and available account name.
  2. Changing the account name also impacts how everyone -- both customers and staff members alike -- will access your account. Changing the account name won't be something that quietly happens in the background. Your business will need to announce the change to staff and customers , and be prepared to quickly update many resources once the name changes.

Tips for Choosing an Account Name

  • Choose something relatively short, easy to remember, and easy to spell - If your account name is long, difficult to remember, or hard to spell, there is a real risk that they won't be entered correctly by staff, families or students when they're asked to provide an organization name to access a portal. Most of the time, this problem can be avoided by simply providing a centralized area where staff and customers can go to access your resources. However, some areas of iClassPro, such as our free mobile apps, which refer to your account name as an "organization name" will require the user to know it and enter it manually,
  • Choose something somewhat unique - Realistically, most businesses will want to incorporate the name of their business or team into their account name. This is great if your business or team name is quite unique. However, it can be more difficult for a business with a purposefully generic name such as "The Gym" or "Swim Center." For those businesses, a unique way to customize the account name could be to add the zip/postal code, phone number area code, or even the year that the business was founded at the end of the account name. This is information that both staff and customers can relate to the business.

Once you come up with an idea or two for your new account name, reach out to our customer support team for help with making this change. 

NOTE: Because this change impacts so many areas, our team will need to verify some details to ensure your identity before making the change. Therefore, it is best if the account owner reaches out to us directly. We know that business owners are busy people, so during your call, you can schedule the change to occur on a future date during our business hours.

Get Ready to Make the Changes

It's important to understand all of the key areas that will be impacted by changing your account name. These areas will be impacted immediately upon the change of the account name and we cannot set up forwarding customers to the new account name to help ease the transition for you. This may require you to work with not only your staff and customers, but also third parties like your website people, social media organizers, business partnerships, etc. so they are aware of when the change will occur and can plan their updates accordingly.


Reaching Out for Support 

From the time your account name change takes place, our staff will reference your account by the new account name. It will save a lot of trouble to let your staff know to mention the new account name when contacting support. Being able to provide the full business name and business owner can also help us narrow down potential matches.


Staff & Customer Bookmarks

If any of your staff or customers use bookmarks to access different areas of your iClassPro account, then those bookmarks will need to be updated to reflect your new account name.


URL/Link Changes on Your Website

Your website may contain links to the Customer Portal. If you have an internal business website, you may also have links to the Office Portal or Staff Portal. All of these will need to be updated to reflect your new account name. This includes the Customer Portal "buttons" to log in, create an account, or see classes. Any specific links you've copied to direct customers to filtered class lists, camp types, etc will also need to be updated.


Links in Email Templates and Past Emails

If your staff has copied and pasted a Customer Portal, Office Portal or Staff Portal link into a stored email template inside of iClassPro or elsewhere (such as MailChimp campaigns, autoresponders on staff inboxes, etc.), these links will need to be updated. Inside of iClassPro, if you have used one of our email variables instead, then the link will be automatically updated for future emails.


Free Customer Portal Mobile App Access

The free Customer Portal mobile app will require customers to enter an organization name when they first download it to access your account. That organization name is your iClassPro account name. When your account name changes, that stored data will no longer be accurate. Customers will be signed out of their mobile apps and be required to enter your new account name and their email address and password to sign back in. For this reason, it may be best to announce this change ahead of time and plan it to happen during a quiet time for your business (avoiding high volume registration and billing dates).


Staff Portal Mobile App Access

The Staff Portal link accessed from the User menu in the Office Portal will automatically be updated to use your new account name., However, staff members will need to log into the new account name when accessing the Staff Portal on a mobile device. Like the free Customer Portal mobile app, the Staff Portal app will require your staff members to enter the iClassPro account name so that we can direct them to the correct login page for your business. If your business has phones or tablets that staff members can use to access the Staff Portal app, then it can save time to go in and update the account/organization name on all of those devices ahead of time.

To do this on Android, you can long press the app and then choose "clear account" in the pop up. On an iOS device, you can open the app settings/information and clear the account name. The next time you open the app, it will prompt for the account name to be entered before asking for the staff member to sign in.


Kiosks App Access

The Kiosks app available from the Apple Store will also use the account name to allow your staff to access the correct login page. The account name on any devices that are already in use will need to be reset to the new name you have selected.


Links on Social Media Pages and Posts

Another common place that you may post links to your Customer Portal is on social media. If you have a "Sign up" button programmed on your pages, or if you've shared links for customers to "Create an Account" or "View Classes": any links to the previous account name will no longer work. Whenever possible, it is recommended to go back and update these links or post an update in the comments to provide the new link so that you don't lose any valuable tracking data associated to the previous link you shared.


Google Integrations or Digital Ad Buys

While any Google Analytics or Tag Manager keys will not be lost in this transition, you will now have different destination URLS using the new account name, which may impact your goals and tracking in place in your Google accounts. If you have directed any digital advertising toward your iClassPro Customer Portal rather than your own website, those links directing traffic will also need to be updated.


Business Partnerships/Web Traffic Referrers

If your business has partnered with another business or website and you have supplied them with a direct link to your customer portal or iClassPro account to use on their website or social media, you will want to reach out to those individuals and provide a new link.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).