How Does a Staff Member Revoke Access for a Secondary User?

Learn how a staff member can revoke access for a secondary user to log into a Family account in the Customer Portal or Mobile App.

While staff members have the ability to revoke login access for secondary users from the Family details in the Office Portal, they cannot grant secondary access or send/re-send invitations to secondary users.

Manually revoking secondary access

  • From the FAMILIES page, click on the pencil/edit icon next to the family for whom you wish to remove secondary access for a specific user.
  • Click the “Actions” button to the right of the user to display the action options.
  • Select “Revoke Login.”
  • The user will receive an email letting them know that their access has been revoked and directing them to contact the Primary Guardian of the account if they have any questions.

NOTE: If Customer Portal access is manually revoked by the Primary Guardian or a staff member for a secondary guardian with saved payment information, the system will delete all payment methods associated with that guardian.

Access Automatically Revoked due to Primary Guardian Change

If the Primary Guardian is changed on an account, or if the “Family Merge” tool is used to combine multiple family accounts, all secondary access to that account will be revoked and the Primary Guardian will need to send new invitations to restore secondary access for those users.

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