How Do I Update or Assign a Staff Password?

Learn about the security requirements for updating and assigning passwords to staff user accounts.

You can learn more about updating/assigning staff passwords below:

Password Requirements

Forgot your password? No worries. It seems like everyone does this occasionally, so we made recovery simple.

Passwords must meet the following specific criteria:
  - Minimum of 8 characters
  - Not a common password (based on a list of most-commonly used passwords)

Updating the Staff User Password

"Regular" Staff Members

For regular staff members (not the Business Owner/"admin"), you can use the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen of your account to have an email sent to the primary email address listed under your staff member with a link to reset it.


After receiving the email, follow the link to be taken to a screen where you will enter and confirm your new password.


After changing your password, you can use the new password to log into your account.

Because we generally do not have inside information about who is allowed access to the software, iClassPro does not change regular staff member passwords upon request. That responsibility falls with the Business Owner or the administrator of the account.

Business Owner/"admin" Account

If you have forgotten the password for the business owner account (assigned the username "admin" by default), the "Forgot Password" link will not work.

For security purposes (since we don't know who has access to that email address or what their intentions are), you will need to contact iClassPro and confirm account ownership by providing some key information and we will change it for you. 

Staff Edit Permissions 

The process of changing a staff password is easy, but can only be done by a staff member who has been granted "Admin Access (Full Permissions)" on the "Permissions" tab for their staff user.

Updating a Password

  • If you wish to change a password, make sure you are signed in as a user with the permissions to edit the STAFF page (as described above).
  • From the STAFF page, find the staff member you wish to change the password for and click the pencil/edit icon to the left of their name.
  • Towards the middle of the window you will find the password field. This field is encrypted so that no staff member can see the password that is entered for that staff member.
  • Click in this field and carefully type in the new password, then click SAVE. The field will automatically fill with encrypted information to conceal the length of the password. 

Alternatively, you can use the "Reset Password Via Email" or "Reset Password Via SMS" options to send the staff user a link that can be used to reset their password.


  • Selecting "Reset Password Via Email" sends a password reset link via email to the email address on the staff member's account - similar to using the "Forgot Password" option from the Office Portal login screen. From this email, the staff member is then able to reset their own password
  • Selecting "Reset Password Via SMS" sends a password reset link via text message to the phone number on the staff member's account. This option is only available if you have SMS/Voice messaging enabled on your account and will cost one SMS credit.

If you are signed into the same account for which you are changing the password, you will need to sign back in with the new password information.

You must be signed in as the Business Owner to change the Business Owner's password.

Need more assistance?

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