How Can I Offer Multiple Billing Options?

Learn about using multiple Billing Schedule/Tuition pairs to offer multiple billing options for your customers.

Why would I offer multiple billing options?

There are several reasons why it may be beneficial to you to have multiple billing options set up for a class. These could include:

  • "Grandfathered" or legacy pricing - when raising prices, you may wish to keep existing students at the original price.
  • Pay in installments or by Session - you can offer different tuition options based on whether a family pays for the full Session at once, or will be billed monthly.
  • Discounted pricing for early enrollment - You may wish to offer special pricing for enrolling early.
  • Discounted pricing for team students - sometimes you may wish to offer team members an additional class at a reduced rate.

All of these scenarios can be handled by offering multiple billing options.

How do I configure multiple billing options?

Each class allows you to attach multiple billing schedule/tuition pairs on the “Billing” tab. When multiple billing schedule/tuition pairs exist, one is designated as the “Default” and will be automatically assigned to enrollments created in the class unless you choose to override it.

How do I associate an enrollment with a different Billing Schedule?

To override the default billing schedule on an enrollment, simply change the “Billing Schedule” drop-down menu from “Default” to select a different Billing Schedule that is attached to the class. The enrollment will automatically use the tuition pricing that is associated with that billing schedule moving forward.

Can I allow a family to choose a different billing option for themselves?

There is a Customer Portal setting that determines whether or not a family has the ability to select a different Billing Schedule option other than the one that is marked as the “Default.” This option is under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION>”Allow Visitors To Override Default Billing Schedule.” This setting is disabled by default.

If left disabled, customers will ONLY be allowed to enroll in the default billing schedule via the Customer Portal or Mobile App. If the setting is ENABLED, the system will display whichever billing schedule is set as the default; however, customers will be able to select from ANY of the billing schedules that are attached to the class when enrolling. They will then be charged the tuition rate associated with that billing schedule upon enrollment.

How do I bill for a different billing option?

If you are manually billing for the enrollment from the family ledger, then the system will automatically detect the billing schedule attached to the enrollment and charge the correct tuition accordingly.

If you are running the TRANSACTIONS>CLASS TUITION CHARGES task, you will need to select the Billing Schedule for which you wish to bill. Only enrollments linked to that specific Billing Schedule will be included in the results.

This means that you will need to run the TRANSACTIONS>CLASS TUITION CHARGES task once for each billing schedule in accordance with when it should be billed.

For example, if the Billing Schedule is meant to be billed monthly, you will need to run the TRANSACTIONS>CLASS TUITION CHARGES task for that Billing Schedule each month. If it should only be billed every two months or once per session, you will run the task for that Billing Schedule accordingly.

It is important to understand that if you do not run the TRANSACTIONS>CLASS TUITION CHARGES task for a specific Billing Schedule, students whose enrollments are associated with that Billing Schedule will not be charged unless you manually create the charges on their family ledger.

Need more assistance?

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