How Do I Configure Camp Registration Settings? (Other Settings)


Learn how to configure your Camp Registration settings. Changes in this area will impact all of the camps which are shown online and allow registration. Other specific settings for billing and signup methods can be found by editing the camp itself.

Camp Registration options include:

  • Count Camp Requests Against Openings – this setting will count any requests which are submitted for Active enrollments against the number of openings in the camp to preserve the “first come, first serve” method of registration. Once the requests are processed (approved or denied) from online activity, any remaining spots will open back up for new registrations/requests. If your business uses the auto-approve mode for registration, requests would be from customers that do not meet the established camp requirements.
  • Allow Visitors to Request a Camp That is Full – this option enables the Customer Portal to accept Wait List requests. The request must be approved by a staff member through Online Activity. (NOTE: The system will override this setting if multiple enrollments from the same family are submitted for the same opening. In this scenario, one enrollment will be approved and the others will be submitted as WAIT requests.)
  • Allow Visitors to Request a Camp for a Student that Does Not Meet Camp Requirements – this will permit students which do not meet the Age, Gender or Grade requirements of a camp to submit a request to enroll anyway, which must be approved through Online Activity.
  • Require Payment When Modifying Camp Enrollment Schedules – when enabled, this option forces customers to pay up front for added blocks/additional charges when they change their camp schedule. (This option requires that “Allow Visitors to Modify Camp Schedule” is enabled.)
    • When Charging for Modified Schedules – Used when the above option is selected. Choosing “Charge the Difference” will bill an amount based on the difference in pricing between the billable amount for the previous number of camp blocks and the current number of camp blocks the student is enrolled for (based on the pricing schedule). Choosing “Charge the Remainder Owed” will bill an amount based on the difference between the amount already billed to the customer (regardless of the number of previously enrolled blocks) and the new price for the number of blocks selected in the pricing schedule.
  • Charge Nothing if Deposit Due Only is Set on the Camp When Modifying the Schedule – this should be checked if you do not want the customer to have to pay the full camp price after initial signup when adjusting their schedule; specifically, if a deposit is all that the Customer Portal is set to bill for a new enrollment in that camp.
  • Anniversary Fee - when enabled, this option will bill an additional flat fee to customers either per student or per family if their ledger does not contain an Anniversary line item charge within the number of months specified under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>ANNIVERSARY CHARGES. This option will utilize the same Charge Category defined under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION along with the associated Anniversary Charges Program. For more information about how this fee works, visit our Anniversary Charges article.
  • Allow Visitors to Modify Camp Schedule – when enabled, this option allows customers to go back into existing enrollments where they were able to choose the dates to enroll and modify those dates (as long as they have not already passed). For billing, this option uses the “Require Payment when Modifying Camp” setting and the subsequent method chosen under “When Charging for Modified Schedules” to determine what the charges should be.
  • Auto-Approve Charge Category – Select the charge category you would like associated with new fees incurred for camp registration online.
  • Set Due Date For Auto-Created Charges To Start Date of Camp - when enabled, this sets the due date for all camp tuition charges created to be the start date of camp.
    • Auto-Created Charges Set the Due Date to "X" Days in the Future" - If the "Set Due Date For Auto-Created Charges To Start Date of Camp" option is left disabled, this box will allow you to enter the number of days between the charge being incurred at checkout and the date that it’s due. This feature is primarily used by customers that do not require immediate payment of tuition.
  • Send Email Notification Upon Auto-enrollment to Email Address of Camp Location - when enabled, sends an email notification to the email on file under SETTINGS>LOCATIONS when a customer completes checkout for an enrollment.

After making any changes to these settings, click “Save Settings”.

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