What is Website Integration? (Other Settings)


Learn about the Website Integration section of your Customer Portal settings and how to use this information to link the Customer Portal to your official Website.

You can view more information about linking to the Customer Portal using the HTML Code below:

How the HTML Code Works

After completing your Customer Portal setup, use the HTML code displayed in the "Website Integration" section to link your Customer Portal to your website.

<a href="https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/classes" target="_blank"> <img style="width: 173px; height: 35px; border:0;" alt="Class Schedules" src="https://mktg.iclasspro.com/portal/ClassSchedules.png" /></a>

<a href="https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/login" target="_blank"> <img style="width: 173px; height: 35px; border:0;" alt="Parent Login" src="https://mktg.iclasspro.com/portal/ParentLogin.png" /></a>

<a href="https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/create-account-02-name" target="_blank"> <img style="width: 173px; height: 35px; border:0;" alt="Create Account" src="https:/mktg.iclasspro.com/portal/CreateAccount.png" /></a>

The HTML code is actually comprised of three links:

  • https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/classes
    Links directly to your Class List on the Customer Portal
  • https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/login
    Links directly to your Customer Portal Login page
  • https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/create-account-02-name
    Links directly to the "Create an Account" screen for your Customer Portal

What the HTML Code Does

Using this code as-is will create three buttons on your Website, which link to the areas noted above:

ClassSchedules.png Takes users directly to your Class List.
ParentLogin.png Takes users directly to your Login page.
CreateAccount.png Takes users directly to the "Create an Account" screen.

Pro Tips!

  • See Using Promo Codes to link to specific classes or camps for more information on linking directly to a filtered list of classes or camp associated with a specific Promo Code.
  • If you wish to use a single link to take users to your Customer Portal Landing page, you can link to https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name] (replacing [account_name] with your unique iClassPro account name).
  • If you wish to link to predefined search at a specific location, you can add ?location=[location_id] to the end of your URL.
    • For example, if you want to link to classes at a specific location, your URL would look like this: https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/classes?location=[location_id]
  • If you are adding the location_id to a URL with an additional filter applied (such as limiting classes to show only specific Programs), you would add &location=[location_id] instead.
    • In this case, your URL would look like this: https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/[account_name]/classes?programs=45&location=[location_id]

Your [location_id] can be found under SETTINGS>LOCATIONS:



Adding the HTML Code to Your Website

You will need to add the HTML code to a text field on your website using the Source, HTML or "< >" button before pasting in the information. If this code is pasted in without clicking a button to edit the source code, it will appear on your website as text instead of creating the buttons. If you are not familiar with editing your website, send the code to your web developer.

NOTE: The code in your "Website Integration" section will already have your [account_name] filled in as it should be reflected in your actual code.

Preview Customer Portal

The "Preview Customer Portal" button simply gives you easy access to your Customer Portal by opening it in a new window.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).