What Staff Permissions are Needed to Use the Time Clock?

Learn about staff permissions related to iClassPro's Time Clock feature and how to assign them.

Which staff members will require Time Clock permissions?

While all employees using Time Clock will need to be created as staff members in iClassPro and set up with a PIN, only employees that will actually be logging into iClassPro directly will require specific permissions.


Click here for more information about creating new staff members.

If the employee will only need to use the time clock to track their hours, but will not log into the software itself (such as the Office Portal or Staff Portal) you can skip the permissions steps of the staff member setup and leave their User Group blank (this is the default status of these settings for all newly created staff members). Be sure they do not have any additional Staff Permissions granted that would allow them to access the Office Portal or Staff Portal.

If a staff member will be logging in and using the time clock from the Kiosks app on iOS,  the Admin/Office portal's Time Clock page, or the Staff Portal Time Clock interface, they must have login credentials and certain staff permissions to define their points and level of access. The permissions can be assigned through a User Group (recommended) or by editing the individual staff member and making adjustments for the individual user in the Permissions tab.

About User Groups

The most important item to note about permissions is that any user granted "Admin Access (Full Permissions)" in iClassPro will have full access to the Time Clock features in iClassPro (as well as most other areas of the software). This includes the two points of access to clock in, as well as the management functions for employee time entries and the ability to lock pay periods for exporting to use with payroll systems.


By default, Time Clock permissions/access will NOT be activated for any other user groups. All other User Groups can be edited (under Settings>Setup>Staff Settings) and customized to have the level of access needed by that group of employees. 

Click here for more information about Staff Permissions and User Groups.

Time Clock Permissions

When editing User Groups and any Advanced Permissions granted to employees, the following settings will impact the employee’s level of access to Time Clock.

Application Access

To log in and access the time clock Kiosk from the Admin/Office Portal or use the Kiosks App on iOS, staff will need application access for iClassPro to be set to Full.



If you will be having staff members use the Staff Portal to clock in and out, you will also need to set Application Access>Staff Portal to Full.

Page Access

Under Page access, a new Time Clock option will appear.

If set to None, the employee(s) will not be able to load the information on the Time Clock page in the Office Portal. This can be helpful for businesses that prefer to keep staff use of the Time Clock restricted to the Kiosk Mode which can only be launched only by authorized users.

If set to Full, the employee(s) will have access to load the page and the punch pad and kiosk mode options by default, and will be able to use them to clock in and out with a pin.


The level of access to other items on the page will be determined by the rest of the permissions in the Tasks section.


One-punch employees are only able to clock in when they are scheduled to instruct a class or camp, and then immediately clocked out once it ends.  Two-punch employees can clock in and out at any point in the day. But to differentiate roles for each period of time (instructing or not instructing) during that shift, they will also need to see items they are scheduled to instruct. 

For this reason, any staff member who instructs classes or camps (particularly those set up with a one-punch time clock system) will need to have either the "View" or "Full" level of permissions for the Classes and Camps tasks.mceclip0.png

  • If set to View, the employee will only be able to see class and camp details - both in Time Clock interfaces, as well as other areas of the software.
  • If set to Full, the employee will be able to see the class and camp schedules in Time Clock interfaces, but they would also be able to create and edit classes and/or camps from the Classes, Camps, and Calendar pages if they have access.

Also under the Tasks section, there will be two time-clock-specific settings:

The new Time Clock setting refers to the employee’s level of access to the punch pad and the kiosk mode module.

  • If set to None, the employee will only be able to access the punch pad and kiosk mode with the clock-in and clock-out features. There will be no navigation available for the Employees (time entries), Pay Periods, or Adjustment Requests areas.
  • If set to View, the staff member will be able to access the punch pad and kiosk modes and will also be able to view employee time entries for all employees, pay period information, and adjustment requests but will be unable to make any changes to this data.
  • If set to Full, the employee will have access to the punch pad and kiosk modes as well as full access to view and make changes to data in the employees and adjustment requests areas. But will still only have the option to view pay period information.


The new Time Clock Export setting refers to the employee’s capability to lock down pay periods and export files for use with an external payroll system.

  • If set to None, the user will not be able to perform either of these tasks.
  • If set to Full, the employee can perform both tasks as long as they have full permission for the Time Clock task as well.

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