How Can I Locate My Top-Spending Customers?

Learn how to use the Families Applied Payment Summary Report (FIN-14) to locate which customers have spent the most amount of money with your business.

Do you have a loyalty program or reward customers for spending more with your business? Here's how to use the Applied Payment Summary Report to locate them!

Generate the report

Navigate to REPORTS>FINANCIAL>FAMILIES APPLIED PAYMENT SUMMARY (FIN-14). This report can be generated over a custom date range (when your customers spent the money at your business) for all payments made, or only payments applied to a specific Program or Charge Category.
Note: If you wish to do any sorting on the results, you will want to use the CSV or XLS export options at the bottom of the filters and download the report from your background tasks.

Sort the report to find your top customers

Open the report to view the results. If you generated it in CSV or XLS, you can open these document types in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software.

Once the file is open, you will notice that it is sorted alphabetically by default. To sort it by Amount instead:

  1. Highlight the "Amount" column.
  2. Go to the DATA tab.
  3. Choose FILTER. This will make the "Amount" column heading a drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the down arrow next to the "Amount" column heading and choose "Sort Largest to Smallest."
  5. When prompted, select the option to "Expand the Selection" on the "Sort Warning" window, then click "Sort."
  6. This will put your highest-spending families/students at the top of the list.

Use the report to identify the customer accounts

From the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page in iClassPro, find the names from the spreadsheet to send communications or assign a special keyword to help track your most loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

Need more assistance?

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