How Do I Edit/Correct an Existing Charge?

Learn how to edit or correct an existing charge on the family ledger.

Why Would I Need to Edit a Charge?

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes a charge gets entered for the wrong amount due to a discount or typing error, or a staff member forgot to enter a Promo Code.  There may also be scenarios where the charge due date needs to be extended (e.g., if the charge was created via the Enrollment Wizard and payment was not collected at that time). Either way, iClassPro makes it easy for you to make these corrections.

Follow the instructions below to correct the charges.

How Do I Edit a Charge?

Go to the family page to edit the family's ledger.

  1. 1. Click the Ledger icon ($) next to the family in question.
  2. 2. View all charges on the family's ledger by clicking View Full Ledger.
  3. 3. Find the charge you would like to edit and click the pencil icon to open the details.
  4. 4. In the charge details, figure out which one of the following scenarios occurred and take the steps listed under the correct scenario:

Updating the Due Date

2023-12-19 09_38_45-iClassPro – dwetest.png

  1. Select a new due date in the Due Date field.
  2. Click SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE to update the charge Due Date.

Correcting a discount

If the wrong discount was applied to the charge, it could have happened in one of two ways.

If a Discount Line Item appears in the charge that is distributed across all line items on the charge entry, you can simply click the x next to the line item to remove it (as seen below). Save the charge. Then enter the correct discount.


If a line item was discounted directly (using the discount $ or % field under the line item when entering the charge, rather than the Discount Line Item Type) then the line item will need to be edited by clicking the pencil/edit icon next to the charge (1), removing or editing the discount field (2), saving the line item changes (3), then clicking SAVE & CLOSE to update the charge (4).edited_charges02.png

Correcting the charge amount

If the wrong charge amount was used, it's easy to fix. Simply edit the charge amount by clicking the pencil/edit icon next to the charge (1), removing or editing the amount field (2), saving the line item changes (3), then clicking SAVE & CLOSE to update the charge (4).(See example below.)


Adding an additional Line Item

If you simply want to add to an existing charge, find the charge on the family ledger, click the pencil icon, and select a Line Item Type to add a new line item to the charge. Remember to click Add Line Item to add each line item to the middle section of the charge window. Then click Save & Close when you are finished to save the full ledger entry.


Editing Point of Sale Charges

Point of sale charges will not be editable or be able to be deleted from family ledgers directly - including adding discounts or promotion codes after the initial sale. Instead, you will see a Point of Sale tag shown for these items. Clicking on the tag will open the Point of Sale Purchases screen and the charge(s) may be adjusted from there by expanding the purchase and using the pencil icon to edit. For purchases that involve multiple charges, this enables staff to fully understand the transaction being edited.

Prior to deleting a point of sale charge, you must first return all items in the sale and refund all payments. If these requirements are not met, the entry may not be deleted and you will encounter the following message:

Accounting Notes

Editing a charge amount directly will change historical financial reports including that charge. Similarly, adding a discount line item to the charge will allow you to reference the original charge total within the charge data, but it will appear as if the discount always existed in financial reports; this is not treated as an adjustment with its own date in financial reports. 

For businesses using accrual-based accounting, if the charge has already been included in previous accounts receivable totals entered into your accounting software - it is not advisable to directly change charge amounts included in those past periods.

Instead, recommended paths to reduce a charge would be:

  • Issuing a credit to the customer and applying it to the charge. This will adjust the balance owed by the customer, to compensate for any eligible proration while enabling the charge history to remain unchanged.
  • Deleting the original charge (preserving the record of the original amount billed). Then re-issue it with the new reduced total.

The recommended paths to increase a charge would be:

  • Issuing a brand new charge for the difference, with current charge dates and the correct charge category for the charge being adjusted.
  • Deleting the original charge (without edits) and issuing a new charge for the appropriate total with current charge dates.

Customers will not see deleted charges, but deleted charges are accounted for in the category list report on the dates the action occurs.

Need more assistance?

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