How Do I Manually Create a New Charge on the Family Ledger?

Learn how to manually create a charge on the family ledger, and what values are required.

If you are using a multi-location iClassPro account, be sure that you have the location selected at the top of the page that you want associated with this charge.

  1. Go to the Family or Student page and Search for the family or student you wish to charge. 
  2. Click the Ledger icon ($) to open the ledger options.
  3. Click New Charge.
  4. Adjust the Charge Title and Dates at the top of the window.
    (The charge title will automatically fill with the first line item title if left blank. The charge date and due date always default to the current day.)
    • NOTE: While it is possible to future-date charges in iClassPro, we do not recommend doing this as it makes tracking the payment in financial reports more difficult.
  5. Click on the Line Item Type drop-down menu.
  6. Choose the Line Item you want to enter.
    • Class Tuition - charge for class enrollments. See our "How Do I Manually Create Class Tuition Charges?" document for more detailed information on creating these charges.
    • Camp Tuition - charge for camp enrollments. See our "How Do I Manually Create Camp Tuition Charges?" document for more detailed information on creating these charges.
      • NOTE: If the family has Special Discounts enabled that will affect pricing, these discounts will be created as each Line Item is added (or when the CREATE or CREATE & CHARGE buttons are clicked).
    • Anniversary - charge for anniversary fees 
    • Other - enters a custom misc. charge
    • Discount - will discount the entire charge (all line items in this window).
    • Promo Code - will apply the Promo Code once to all tuition charges.
      • NOTE: When manually added to a charge as a line item, Promo Codes will apply to ALL line items associated with the charge. If a particular line item SHOULD NOT be discounted (such as an Anniversary charge), it should be created as a separate charge instead of a line item.
  7. Use the drop down menus to the right of the line item you chose to select required charge information a student or enrollment (anniversary & tuition charges), program, and charge category to describe the charge.
    (The charge amount and program will be automatically populated for class, camp and anniversary charges. The amount can be edited directly for class and anniversary charges; camp charges will need to be assigned a discount if necessary. For miscellaneous "Other" charges such as Pro Shop items, enter the amount manually.)
  8.  (Optional) To apply a Discount or charge Tax on a specific line item in the charge, use the fields below the line item amount.
    • NOTE: The option to CHARGE SALES TAX will automatically be enabled and will select the associate tax rate if the program associated with the charge has a tax rate set.
  9. (Optional) Click Add Line Item to add the line item to the charge entry. This will clear the line item information at the bottom of the screen and add the line item to the list at the middle of the window. (If there are no more line items to be added, go to Step 11.)
  10. (Optional) Repeat steps 4-8 to add any additional line items to this charge entry.
  11. Click Create to save all line items in this charge window as separate ledger entries, or click Create & Make Payment to save all line items and launch the New Payment window.

NOTE: Staff members will require the "Change Charge Amount" permission to make ANY additional edits to the charge (including manually editing the amount, discounts, or adding line item entries for "Discount" or "Promo Code").

Need more assistance?

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