Creating a New Payment

Some of the options in the New Payment window will not be available unless your business has signed up for a Gateway account to process transactions online through iClassPro's interface.

Note that you cannot use the New Payment screen to apply existing credit to charges.  For instructions on applying existing credit, see the Applying Credits and Payments in Customer Ledgers article.

How to Create a New Payment

Note: If you are using a multi-location iClassPro account, make sure that you have the location selected at the top of the page that you would like associated with this record of payment.

  1. Find the family or student you are creating the payment for.
  2. Click the Ledger icon ($) to open ledger options.
  3. Click on New Payment.
  4. Edit the Payment Title and Date if necessary.

  5. Select the Payment Type you are using to collect payment. (Please see below if you are choosing "Credit Card Manual" as the payment type.)

  6. Fill in the Amount of the payment. You can either type this in manually, or there is an option to have this field auto-populate with the total of any charges with a due date on or before the current date.  (This option can be enabled under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>APPLICATION PREFERENCES>AUTO-POPULATE NEW PAYMENT AMOUNT.)
    Note: You can include check numbers or additional information in the reference field (such as the original transaction ID if you are creating an external credit card payment). Reference notes show on the bank deposit report.
  7. Check the boxes for Charges to apply the payment. If the payment is not applied, it will sit in the customer's account as non-applied credit for future use.
  8. Click Process Payment to record the payment on the customer's ledger.
    Autopay - Stored payment information. Requires Gateway.
    Credit Card Manual - Type in fields. Requires Gateway.
    Credit Card Swipe - Requires Gateway and a USB Card Swiper set to Keyboard Emulation Mode (KEM).
    E-CheckBank to bank transfer. Requires Gateway.
    External Credit Card - Externally processed credit cards (such as those run on a chip-enabled terminal).
    Cash - Cash transaction in hand. Has "Give Change" option toward the bottom of the window.
    Check - Physical Check.


CouponAccount credit being issued in exchange for a coupon. 
House - Account credit being issued by your business as a courtesy to the customer.
OtherAccount credit being issued for some other reason.


Creating a manual payment from the Office Portal

From the FAMILIES page, click the currency symbol/ledger icon, then click the NEW PAYMENT button to launch the “New Payment” window.


To create a manual payment, select “2. Credit Card Manual” as your payment type.

Enter the amount of the payment and select any outstanding charges you wish to apply the payment to. Then click NEXT.


Name and address fields will be automatically filled in based on the information in the Family profile. If there is a different name on the card, or if the card being saved uses a different mailing address/email/phone number these fields may need to be updated manually.


Enter the card details. Double-check that the payment amount shown just below the credit card details is correct. If it is not, close the window by clicking on the “X” in the upper right-hand corner, make any necessary changes, then click NEXT again.

Once everything is entered correctly, click SUBMIT.


If the payment goes through without any problems, the confirmation message will be displayed.  If the payment was declined or there were any other errors, you will see an error message instead.


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