How Can I Use Camps for Events and Private Lessons?

Learn about using iClassPro's Camps feature to set up limited-time events or private lessons that require charging a fee and collecting payments.

Using Camps for Limited-Time Events

A camp consists of a one-time enrollment (usually 1 week or less). Since camps can allow customers to choose days or time periods within camp dates to enroll and pay for OR require signup for the full camp at a single price, this makes them ideal for limited-time events.

Some examples of events that might benefit from being set up as camps would be:

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Camps
  • Holiday Events
  • Open Gyms
  • Parent's Night Out
  • Kid's Night Out
  • Up-All-Night Programs
  • Dances

Using Camps for Private Lesson Booking

Some customers also use camps for booking private lessons for instructors or students who may have non-recurring schedules

When creating camps to host private lessons, a different camp can be set up for each instructor according to his/her availability. Each camp is also set up with allowed registration dates, so that instructors can create a camp for a (week's/month's) worth of private lesson availability and require customers to register before the (week/month) begins. Each available time is then set up as a block within the camp. A camp pricing schedule can be created with the price for each number of blocks the customer can book. With a maximum enrollment of 1, you can ensure that only one student books any given block within the camp.

The private lesson instructors will need to have access to the camps page or camp reports to see booked private lessons within the camp.

Click here for more information on how to create a camp.

Classes can be used to create each private lesson time with an instructor if the private lesson enrollments are ongoing; this way, after registering for a private lesson class- the student will remain enrolled from week to week until a drop-date is placed on his/her enrollment.

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