How Do I Create/Edit a Camp Pricing Schedule?

Learn about creating/editing Camp Pricing Schedules and how they are used to compute the camp tuition price.

You can view more information about creating and editing Camp Pricing Schedules below:

What are Pricing Schedules?

Pricing schedules are how iClassPro's Camp feature determines how much to charge for camp enrollments including multi-block and multi-sibling discounts and special discounts. At least one pricing schedule must be created before a camp can be created and saved.

What is a Block?

A camp block is a specific time and date that a camp meets. Camps can be set up with a flat price or a price per block with built-in discounts.

Single Block

If I have a one-day training camp costing $150 that goes on from 9AM to 2PM this Saturday, that would be considered one block and I would create a flat price pricing schedule before creating my camp with just 1 block and 1 fee per student. In this scenario, the Student/Attendees table will look like this:

Multiple Blocks

  • Scenario 1: My business is hosting a week-long camp (5 days Mon-Fri) over winter break for school-aged children to attend fitness workshops and doubles as childcare. Children can enroll from 1 day up to the full 5 days from 10AM to 3PM. This camp will have 5 separate blocks or days for enrollment and the price will vary for the number of days enrolled. For 1 day, I charge $20. Each additional day up to 4 is another $10. If the child is enrolled the full 5 days, I discount tuition to $55.

    When creating the pricing schedule for this scenario, remember that pricing is cumulative as you go down the chart, meaning each row will represent the full price you wish to charge if the student is enrolled for that many days.  So in this scenario, the Student/Attendees table will look like this:

  • Scenario 2: My business allows customers to reserve our birthday party room each Saturday for a duration 2 hours. The time slots customers can enroll for are Saturday from 10-12PM, 1-3PM, and 4-6PM. Each Saturday I run the camp to book these appointments will add 3 Blocks or time slots. However, a customer is not allowed to book more than one-time slot per day, so I will be using a flat price of $150 with only 1 block on the pricing schedule. In this scenario, the Student/Attendees table will look the same as the one-block scenario above:

How do I create a Pricing Schedule?

Settings > Setup > Camp Settings > Pricing Schedules

  1. Click Create New.
  2. Name the Pricing Schedule.
  3. Choose how to count students/attendees.
    One at a time: Each sibling in a family that gets enrolled is assigned a column of unique pricing in the Pricing Schedule.
    Total: The siblings in the family will use the pricing column that matches the total number of siblings. (Two siblings will get the prices in column two, three from column three, etc.)
  4. If you are charging a deposit amount on sign up and the remainder of the price later on, enter the deposit amount for each student here. This can be a dollar or percentage of tuition. (If you are using a percentage-based deposit amount, the amount will be based on the camp tuition cost and will not take into account any additional costs based on user-defined questions.)
  5. Enter the Full Pricing for each combination of blocks here (including Deposit amounts in the total.)
  6. If offering Special Discounts for families marked as members, employees, or in service, or to define an Early Bird discount, enter the amounts or percentages in the Special Discounts tab.
    • NOTE: Early Bird Discounts are not available for enrollments made via the Customer Portal, as these enrollments usually charge tuition and require payment immediately. As there is not a way to set an Early Bird Cutoff Date on those charges, the Early Bird Discount cannot be enforced.
  7. Save the pricing schedule.

EXAMPLE: Children can enroll in this camp from 1 day/block up to the full 5 days/blocks. The price will vary for the number of days enrolled. For 1 day, we charge $20. Each additional day up to 4 is another $10. If the child is enrolled the full 5 days, I discount tuition to $55. 

For a second sibling, an additional $5 is discounted from Student 1's price. For a third sibling or more, the total price is decreased by $10 from Student 1's price.

In this scenario, the Student/Attendees table would look like this:


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