Creating Your Skill Bank

Creating a Skill

With iClassPro’s new skills feature you will need to set up your skill bank. The skill bank is a list of skills from your school curriculum.

Step 1:
First you will need to navigate to your skill tracking settings. Go to:

Settings  >  Skills


Step 2:
To add skills, choose the Skill Bank Tab.



Step 3:
Click Create New Skill.



Step 4:
Enter the details of your Skill…..Name, Description, Skill Tags and any associated Photos or Videos. Having skill descriptions and media will allow your staff to access that information from the Staff Portal.


A Note about using Tags:
Skill tags are used to differentiate skills of the same name.  For example, if you want a Beginner Handstand and an Advanced Handstand, you can use tags to help organize and label.


Editing or Removing a Skill

To edit or remove a skill, simply click on the skill name and make any changes needed.  It is important to note that any changes made to the skill will be reflected anywhere it appears within a skill tree.  Removing a skill will remove it entirely along with any associated skill ratings and student records.

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