How Do I Evaluate Skills in the Staff Portal?

Learn about options to view and evaluate Skills in the Staff Portal.

Evaluating Classes

Along with taking Attendance, using the Staff Portal to evaluate your students is the easiest way to track skills.  You can access the Skill Tracking feature through either the Attendance module, or by directly launching it from the Main Menu.

To use Skill Tracking from the Staff Portal, the staff member will need the permissions below:

  • Application Access:
    • Staff Portal as "full" to log in to the staff portal with a username and password
  • Tasks:
    • Families/Students:
      • "View" permission for read-only access to student information
      • "Full" permission to enable editing/creating notes for the student
    • Evaluations (Skill Tracking):
      • "View" permission for read-only access to skill evaluations
      • "Full" permission to enable editing/creating new skill evaluations

Once you have entered the Skill Tracking module, you are greeted with the class list.
Tap on any class or camp to begin evaluating.  A window appears prompting you to select which skill you want to evaluate the class on. Select the appropriate skill.3-pickskill.jpg

You are now viewing the students within that class or camp.
To quickly evaluate all students within the class, use the Mass Select option.  This will apply the rating to all students within the class.  You can then adjust any ratings necessary.
You can add comments to the skills evaluations if your settings allow.  The ability to add comments to skills evaluations is set system-wide under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>SKILL TRACKING.

Simply tap on the students name to add comments or view past evaluations.
Once you are happy with the ratings, hit Submit!

Viewing Skill Photos, Videos, and Descriptions

If you added photos, videos, or descriptions to your skills within the Skill Bank, you can access them via the Staff Portal. Simply click the eye icon to view them!

Evaluating and Viewing Skills from Student Details

You can evaluate, view, and edit skills from the student details by tapping on the star icon from the student dropdown.
Navigate to any area of the skill tree to evaluate or view ratings.
You can also Pass students from this view by simply toggling to green.

"Grid" View

In addition to this skill evaluation view, iClassPro offers a "grid" view similar to that seen within the Office Portal. This view can be launched at the discipline/level/event and will display all skills within that section of the skill tree on one screen. (Note: due to screen size limitations, this view is probably best used on a tablet.)

To launch this view, click the "grid" icon next to the discipline/level/event:


There are a number of filters available to limit the list of students who are shown in the grid. Click the “Skill Filters” option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to apply these filters.


Available filters are:

  • Rating (Note: this filter may vary from the screenshot shown above based on your skill setup under SETTINGS>SKILLS>SKILL RATINGS.)
    • Unevaluated
    • 1 Star
    • 2 Star
    • 3 Star
  • Duration
    • Current and Future – shows only students with a current or future enrollment in the selected class/camp.
    • Current – shows only students with a current enrollment in the selected class/camp.
    • Past – shows only students with past enrollment in the selected class/camp.
    • Future – shows only students with a future enrollment in the selected class/camp.
    • All – shows students with any enrollment in the selected class/camp.
  • Attendance
    • Hide Student(s) Absent Today – enabling this filter will hide any students who have been marked Absent from the selected class/camp on the current date.
  • Display Options
    • Show Start Date – displays the student’s assigned start date for the selected Level or Event (see the “Quick Evaluations (Levels/Skills)” section below).
    • Show Due Date – displays the student’s assigned due date for the selected Level or Event (see the “Quick Evaluations (Levels/Skills)” section below).
    • Show Passed Date – displays the date that the student was marked “Passed” for the selected Level or Event.

To leave an evaluation for a single student, locate the star associated with the student and skill needing evaluation. This pulls up the evaluation screen where you can select a star rating and leave an optional comment.


Once you have completed the evaluation, click the “Submit Evaluation” button to save.

Quick Evaluations

From the class/camp grid view, select the name of the Level or Event needing to be evaluated.  This will bring up a list of all students enrolled in the class/camp with several options.

Within this view, you can navigate/limit the view to specific Levels or Events using the drop-down menus at the top of the window.


Pro Tip!: Clicking on the Level will show all Events attached to that Level in the window that launches; clicking on an Event will only show that one Event.  If you need to perform tasks related to all Events, it may be best to click on the Level and set the options from there.

From this view, you can perform a number of tasks related to skill evaluations for Levels/Events:

  • Set a start/due date for all students by adding it to the Level or Event itself.
  • Set or edit individual start/due dates for skill evaluations on a per-student basis if needed.
  • Mark a student passed (or revoke the pass) by using the switch on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Mark all students passed (or revoke the pass) by toggling this switch for the Level or Event.

NOTE: if you mark all Events passed by toggling the Level switch, toggling the Level switch back only removes the “Passed” status for the Level itself. You will need to manually remove the “Passed” status for each Event.


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