How Do I Link Skill Trees to Programs, Classes, and Camps?

Learn how to link your Skill Trees to specific Programs, Classes, or Camps.

At least one skill must be attached to a Discipline, Level or Event for it to show up when attaching skill trees to Programs, Classes, and/or Camps.

Linking Skill Trees to Programs

By linking a skill tree to a program, all classes and camps associated to that program will also be linked to the selected skill tree.

Step 1
First you will need to navigate to your Programs’ Settings by going to:
Settings  >  Setup  >  General Settings  >  Programs
2024-03-22 15_24_03-iClassPro – dwetest.png

Step 2
Expand the Programs menu and click the pencil/edit icon t to the left of the Program name to launch the edit window.
2024-03-22 15_25_56-iClassPro – dwetest.png

Step 3
Select the Skill Tree tab. Here you will see your skill trees with checkboxes next to each discipline, level, event, and skill. Select all that are applicable to the selected program.

Step 4
Select save. Now all classes and camps under the selected program will use this skill tree by default.

Link/edit Skill Trees to specific classes or camps

For more control, trees can be edited and customized to fit specific classes.

Step 1
To edit individual classes or camps, you will need to navigate to the classes or camps tab. Now, select the pencil on the class or camp you would like to customize.

Step 2
Select the Skill Tree tab. Here you will see your default skill tree associated with your program. You can select all checkboxes for the entries that are appropriate to the class you are editing.

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