What is the APPOINTMENTS Page?

Learn about the APPOINTMENTS page and how you can use it to create appointment timeslots and manage bookings.

What is the APPOINTMENTS page?

The APPOINTMENTS page allows you to create appointments, appointment timeslots, and manage bookings. It also allows you to filter appointment timeslots for various tasks, such as Email Blasts, SMS/Voice messaging, or Push notifications.

To access the APPOINTMENTS page, click the “Appointments” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the screen:


What Information is displayed on the APPOINTMENTS page?

For each appointment timeslot, the following information is displayed:

  • Name
  • Service
  • Zone
  • Availability
  • Instructor
  • Students
    • Clicking the information icon ("?") to the right of the student name will launch a window with basic family contact information, as will as links to the Family and Student details.

Clicking on the column name will sort the information. By default, the information is sorted alphabetically by the appointment timeslot name.

Which filters are available?

What actions can be performed from the APPOINTMENTS page?

To the left of each appointment timeslot are various “Action” icons. Clicking on an icon will present you with options to perform specific tasks related to the appointment timeslot.

Actions that are always available:

Actions that are only available for timeslots with bookings attached:

  • Cancel Booking - allows you to cancel a booking for one or more booked students.
  • Reschedule Booking - allows you to reschedule a booking for one or more students to a different appointment timeslot.
  • Remind Appointment - Allows you to send an email and/or SMS text reminder to students who have a booking for the selected appointment timeslot.
    • Selecting to notify via Email will use the email template under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>COMMUNICATION TEMPLATES>ICLASSPRO>"Appointment Reminder."
    • Selecting to notify via SMS will send the following message via SMS/Text: "This is a reminder for your [[appointment_name]] appointment at [[timeslot_start]] for [[student_name]]."
  • Take Attendance - allows you to view, edit or record attendance for the selected appointment timeslot.
  • Skill Evaluations - allows you to view, edit or record skill evaluations for the selected appointment timeslot.

NOTE: By default, only the "Edit" and "Book Appointment" icons are always visible; the other options are nested beneath the "Actions" menu. However, enabling the "Pinned" option from the Actions menu will add an option to the main Actions view so it is always visible.

What QuickTools options are available from the APPOINTMENTS page?

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