How Can I Suspend a Family Account?

Learn how to suspend a family account in iClassPro, how it affects the family’s access to the Customer Portal/Mobile App, and what filter options are available to easily locate these families.

Why would I need to suspend a family?

Suspending a family is a substantial step, as you are basically removing their ability to access the Customer Portal/Mobile App and requiring them to reach out to you directly to have this access restored.  This could be done for any number of reasons, such as suspending access for a family that consistently fails to pay their balances or flagging a family that has a history of unacceptable behavior.

NOTE: If you simply need a way to alert your staff of issues related to the family, you can still create a critical note, or enter text in the “Family Flag Alert” field in the family record.

How do I suspend a family account?

To suspend a family account:

  1. Navigate to the FAMILIES page.
  2. Search for the family that needs to be suspended.
  3. Click the pencil/edit icon next to the family name to launch the family details screen.
  4. Scroll down to the “Guardians” section.  At the bottom of this section, click on the words “View More” to expand this section.
  5. To suspend the family's account, enable the “Suspend Family” option beneath the “Family Flag Alert” field.
  6. Click SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE to apply the changes.

What will the family see in the Customer Portal/Mobile App if their account is suspended?

Whenever a family flagged as "Suspended" attempts to access the Customer Portal/Mobile App, they will instead be redirected back to the login screen and a  message will be displayed prompting them to contact your location for assistance.

This message will read:

"There is an issue with your account. Please contact us for further assistance."

What will I see in the Office Portal if a family is suspended?

If "Suspend Family" is enabled, the system will display a pop-up warning to staff when interacting with the family (such as opening the family details) or any students within the family (such as editing the student details and/or creating enrollments, etc.). This message must be acknowledged by clicking "OK" to dismiss the pop-up.

NOTE: If the family is suspended AND has a Family Flag Alert in place, the system will display the full text of the Family Flag alert, but prefix the alert with “[Account Suspended]."

To increase visibility, the system will also append a red "Suspended" icon to the family and student names when they are displayed on the FAMILIES and STUDENTS pages in the Office Portal.  This icon looks like an "S" inside a circle:


How can I tell which staff member suspended or removed the suspension of a family?

An audit log entry will be created noting the staff member's name, username, date, and time whenever a family account is suspended or unsuspended.

Example audit log entry when a family account is suspended:

Suspended FAMILY: '[family last name], [family first name] (family ID)

Example audit log entry when a family account is unsuspended:

Removed suspension of FAMILY: [family last name], [family first name] (family ID)

How can I locate suspended families/students attached to suspended families?

In addition to the visual indicator of having the "Suspended" appended to their names, there are “Suspended Family” filters available on both the FAMILIES and STUDENT pages. Enabling this filter will limit the results ONLY to families that have been suspended (FAMILIES page), or students associated with families that have been suspended (STUDENTS page).

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).