How Do I Configure Tagline/Lead Settings? (Other Settings)


Learn how to configure your Customer Portal Leads section, which allows you to enable a Lead Form to be filled out when customers cannot find any classes meeting their needs.

Where do I configure Tagline/Lead settings?

The Customer Portal tagline/lead options can be configured under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>LEADS.

Which settings are available?

  • Display Tagline On Classes Page - If enabled, a field will be displayed allowing you to customize the text to be displayed to potential customers on the Classes page in your Customer Portal.
    • Tagline - text entered into this field will be displayed to potential customers on the Classes page in your Customer Portal.
    • Enable Lead Form - only displayed if “Display Tagline on Classes Page” is enabled. If enabled, the following fields will be displayed:
      • Button Name - text for the button that will launch the Lead Form
      • Header Text (optional) - defines the text to be used as the Lead Form Header.
      • Description (optional) - defines longer text to be displayed between Header and form fields.
      • Enable Day/Time Selection - if enabled,  the customer will be able to select one or more specific day(s) of the week that they are interested in, as well as a general morning, afternoon, or evening preference. (This is for the purpose of starting a follow-up conversation, not collecting all possible times/days that would work).
      • Require Contact Type - allows you to choose whether you will require the customer to enter  a Phone number , Email address, or Both (this is the default option)
      • Emails (Multiple Addresses Should Be Separated With A Semicolon [;]) - defines the email address(es) to which the contact form information will be sent upon submission.

What will the customer see?

If you have enabled the “Display Tagline on the Classes Page” option, the tagline will be displayed to the customer at the top of the Classes page on the Customer Portal.

If you have selected the “Enable Lead Form” option, the customer will also see a button to launch the lead form (titled according to the defined “Button Name").


If the customer clicks this button, the Lead Form will be displayed with the following fields, based on your settings:

  • EMAIL (if required)
  • PHONE (if required)
  • DAY(S) OF THE WEEK (multi-select) (if enabled)
  • TIME(S) OF DAY (multi-select) (if enabled)
    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    • Evening
  • CAPTCHA (required)
  • SEND/CANCEL buttons

NOTE: Name, email, and phone number fields will be automatically populated if the user is logged into the Customer Portal.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).