How Do I Configure Financial Settings? (Other Settings)


Learn how to configure your Customer Portal Financial section, which focuses on the financial perspective of online registration. This includes recurring billing options, customer ledger views, the ability for customers to use available credit from the Customer Portal, and more.

You can view more information about the Financial options below:

  • Require Saved Payment Method Authorized for Recurring Billing – enables/disables the requirement for a customer to save a card on file. This impacts customer portal views involving payment for new enrollments or bookings, Point of Sale transactions, Party booking, or adding/updating card information from the "My Account" page (simply called "Account" in the Mobile/Branded App)

    NOTE: When a saved payment method is required, customers cannot choose to opt out of recurring billing via the customer portal and mobile app; only staff will be able to opt the payment method out from the Billing tab of the family record. Enabling the stored payment information requirement also prohibits the "Prevent Deletion Of Autopay Method If Family Has An Active Or Future Class Enrollment" setting from being modified, as customers are already prevented from deleting the stored payment method.

    • Require Recurring Billing for Trial Enrollments – enables/disables the requirement for customers submitting requests for trial enrollments to have to store payment information on file to do so.
  • Prevent Deletion Of Autopay Method If Family Has An Active Or Future Class Enrollment - this setting is only available if "Require Saved Payment Method Authorized for Recurring Billing" setting is disabled.

    If the setting is ENABLED, this will prevent customers from deleting saved payment information if they have any current/future class or camp enrollments on their account. An alert message will appear on the Customer Portal that informs them that they have an active or future enrollment and need to contact the office to cancel registration and remove card on file. (This is important to meet credit card brand requirements.)

    If the setting is DISABLED, there is no change in current functionality and customers will be allowed to delete saved payment information since it is not required.

  • Show Full Ledger History, Not Just the Last 30 Day History – when selected, this will allow the customer to see their full list of payments, refunds and charges on their account. When not selected, the customer will only be able to see a list of payments, refunds and charges from the last 30 days of the account.
  • Allow Visitors To Generate A Statement Or Ledger Report – when enabled, the Customer Portal's "My Account" screen will display options in the "Transactions History" section to generate a statement or ledger report after logging in.
    • Generating a Statement will produce a document that will include the business’ name and address, customer’s name and address, any outstanding charges at that point in time, their students’ schedule(s) and the last date of payment on their account. This report will only show outstanding charges associated with the currently selected Location.
    • Generating a Ledger will produce a document showing all charges/payments associated with the currently selected Location.
      • NOTE: If SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL>"Show Full Ledger History, Not Just The Last 30 Day History" is enabled, the customer will be allowed to specify a date range. If this setting is NOT enabled, the report will automatically generate showing only charges/payments for the past 30 days.
  • Show the Account Credit in the Ledger – will show the customer whether or not they have unapplied payments or credits in the ledger on their account. When using the web-based Customer Portal, customers cannot apply this credit themselves, but can reach out to the business to be enrolled, billed and have the credit applied, after which they can provide payment for any remaining balance online.
  • Allow Visitors the Ability to Use Available Account Credits – Enabling this setting will allow parents to apply available credit from their ledgers to existing charges with outstanding balances prior to making a payment. This is available by navigating to the Account area of the mobile app and scrolling down past "Add Student". (NOTE: if the "Require Past Due Charges to be Paid in Full First" is enabled, customers will still be required to pay any remaining balance towards past due charges after the credit is applied.)
    • Allow Available Account Credits to be Used When Point of Sale Items in Cart – when enabled, account credits can be applied when Point of Sale items exist in the shopping cart.  If left disabled, account credit can only be applied if the shopping cart consists solely of enrollment or other registration fees.
  • Allow Partial Payments – when selected, this will allow customers to pay a partial amount toward an outstanding charge (or partially apply credit towards a charge), rather than requiring the whole amount for the charge at once.
    • NOTE: This setting only applies to charges that are not yet past their due date. Customers will still be required to pay any past due charges in full and will not be allowed to make partial payments towards them.
    • Minimum Partial Payment Amount – when the “Allow Partial Payments” option is enabled, the number placed in this box will determine the smallest payment amount that will be allowed to be processed toward a larger bill. Often, this amount will be $5 or $10 to help ensure that the payment amount will be for a large enough sum to justify any gateway/processing fees incurred by the business.
  • Allow Promo Codes – when enabled, this setting will present customers with the option to apply promo codes to the items in their cart. Customers must be given the available promo codes prior to checkout – as they will not be displayed. NOTE: any Promo Codes inherited from an encoded URL will automatically be applied to eligible enrollments in the Shopping Cart.
  • Require Past Due Charges to be Paid in Full First – enabling this setting will force the customer to pay past due charges in full before they are allowed to make payments towards charges that have not yet passed their due date. (NOTE: if this setting is enabled, customers will still be required to pay any remaining balance towards past due charges, even if they choose to apply credit.)
    • Enabling this setting does not restrict the customer from being able to create new enrollments and incur new charges. To restrict enrollments based on outstanding charges, enable "Prevent Auto-Enrollment if Family Has Overdue Charges."
  • Hide Totals Bar on Shopping Cart When Every Item is $0.00 – this setting will allow you to enable or disable the Totals Bar from showing when the Shopping Cart is full of items equal to $0.00 (such as enrollment requests, makeups or trials).

    If there are any auto-approved enrollments in the cart, the Totals Bar will still show and reflect the correct amount for that enrollment. Furthermore, if discounts or promo codes are applied that result in a $0.00 charge, the Totals Bar will still show in order to reflect these discounts.

    (Please note that if the Shopping Cart contains only items totaling $0.00 and you have enabled the option to hide the Totals Bar, the Custom Message will still appear.)
  • Custom Message on Cart – this setting allows you to display a custom message in the Customer Portal Shopping Cart. This message will appear just below the Totals Bar during the checkout process.

    (This area is plain-text only and will not support HTML code. The message will be rendered in red text to differentiate it from the other text on the page.)
  • Prevent Auto-Enrollment if Family Has Overdue Charges – if enabled, the system will prevent enrollments from being auto-approved if the family has outstanding charges that are past the due date.

After making any changes to these settings, click “Save Settings”.

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