How Do I Customize Which Payment Methods My Staff Can Accept?

Learn how to customize which payment methods will be accepted in the Office Portal and Point of Sale, including permissions to allow overriding this setting for specific staff members/user groups.

How Can I Customize Payment Methods

The “Customize Payment Methods” setting (SETTINGS>TRANSACTIONS>PAYMENT METHODS) allows you to select which payment methods will be accepted in the Office Portal and Point of Sale (external credit card, credit to account, etc.) on a per-location basis.  When specific location settings are enabled, only selected payment methods will be displayed on the “New Payment” screen unless the staff member has been assigned the permission to “Allow Usage Of All Payment Types."

Settings Options

  • Location(s)
    • Global Account Settings – selected payment types will be available at all Locations.
    • Specific Location(s) – selected payment types will be available at the selected Location.
      • Enable Location-Specific Overrides – Allows you to set accepted payment types for the selected Location. If disabled, the Locations will use the Global Account Settings.
        • When enabled, an option will appear to “Reset this Location to Global Settings” that will set all options to match the Global Account Settings.
      • List of all payment types - Enable a payment type by clicking the box to the left to select it.
        • Office Portal Payment Options
          • Credit Card on File
          • Credit Card Manual
          • Credit Card - Swipe/Insert/Tap
          • E-Check
          • External Credit Card
          • Cash
          • Check
          • Coupon
          • House
          • Other
          • Giftcard
        • POS Payment Options
          • New Credit Card
          • Credit Card - Swipe/Insert/Tap
          • Cash
          • Check
          • Charge to Account
          • External Credit Card
          • Credit Card on File
          • Split Payment

After selecting the appropriate payment types for the selected Location, click SAVE SETTINGS to commit the changes.

NOTE: See our "What are Payment Types and Credit Types?" document for more information about various payment/credit types.

Tasks permission to allow acceptance of all payment types

  • “Allow Usage Of All Payment Types” (None/Full) – when this task permission is set to FULL, staff members will be able to accept any payment type, regardless of whether that payment type is enabled under SETTINGS>TRANSACTIONS>PAYMENT SETTINGS.

Staff members who have been assigned "Admin Access" permissions will always have access to all payment methods.

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