How Do I Access/Log In to the Customer Portal?

Learn how to access the Customer Portal and navigate the Splash page and Dashboard.

How do I access the Customer Portal?

You can access the Customer Portal by going to[Your Account Name] in your web browser.

NOTE: Replace [Your Account Name] with your actual iClassPro account name.

Splash Page and Dashboard

Upon entering the Customer Portal URL, customers are led to the Splash page. This page will cycle through “News and Announcement” items.  Associated images will be shown in the background and clicking on “Learn More” will launch the news item in a pop-up window so customers can read the article.

When they are ready, customers will click “Click to Begin” to continue to the main Customer Portal Dashboard.


If enabled, a “Welcome Information” screen will appear.  Once this screen is dismissed, customers will be presented with several options:


  • BOOKING – find and register for Classes, Events (Camps) and, Parties.
  • MY ACCOUNT – manage account/contact information/saved payment details, add/update student information, and make payments.
  • NEWS – view News/Announcements.
  • PROSHOP (if enabled) – browse and purchase products from your online store.
  • CREATE ACCOUNT – clicking this option will launch the “Account Creation” screen.
  • LOGIN – clicking this option will launch the Login screen.
  • WELCOME INFO (optional) – clicking this option will launch/relaunch the “Welcome Information” screen.
  • FIND THE RIGHT CLASS (optional) – Clicking this option will launch a wizard walking the family through selecting student age/gender which will bring up a preliminary list of classes for which they are qualified to enroll. Additional options from the resulting page will allow the parent to filter the list further using the filters specified under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS FILTERS.

Toolbar Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available throughout the Customer Portal by clicking on the appropriate icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.


  1. MENU – The menu button allows the family to jump to one of these areas:
    • Register/Login
    • Display current organization/Switch organizations
    • Home
    • Booking
    • My Account
    • News
    • ProShop (if enabled)
    • eGift Cards (if enabled)
    •  More
      • Register/Login
    • Mobile App Links (if enabled)
    • Visit Website
  4. NEWS
  5. PROSHOP (if enabled)
  6. MORE
    • Customer Portal Staff Page (If enabled)
      • The actual name reflected here will be based on the "Page Title" defined under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>STAFF>CONTENT.
    • eGift Cards (if enabled) 
    • Register/Login
  7. LOCATION DETAILS (if account has multiple locations enabled) – Allows parents to switch Locations on multi-location accounts and displays contact information related to the currently selected Location. (Note that the address and phone number of the current location is also displayed to the left of this shortcut.)
  8. MY ACCOUNT – If the user is not logged in, they will be prompted to do so. If they are logged in, clicking this option will take them to the “My Account” page.
  9. CART – Takes the family to the Checkout page to complete the enrollment process and make a payment.

Clicking on the Logo at the top of the screen will return the user to the Home Screen.

Registering/Logging In

If customers choose “Login/Register” from any menu option, they are asked to confirm whether they are a current customer.

  • If not, they are led through the process of creating an account.
  • If so, they are asked to enter the email address/password associated with their current account.


If the customer has forgotten their password, they can click the “Forgot Password” link to have a verification code emailed to them to reset it.

Upon login, customers will be prompted to read/agree to any Family Policies or any Student Policies that are configured to show on the Web.  Once all required policies have been agreed to, they will be taken back to the main login page.

Additional Dashboard Options

After successfully logging in, the customer will be taken back to the Dashboard.  If there are any outstanding charges, a notification will be displayed to the customer. There are two options regarding payment of outstanding charges:

  • Click on the notification to be taken to the PAYMENTS screen and make a payment with credit card/eCheck.
  • Go to MY ACCOUNT>PAYMENTS if you wish to apply existing credit to the outstanding charge.

When logged in, the MENU and MORE options will display additional options for:

  • Family Policies
  • Student Policies
  • Live (if iClasssPro Live is enabled in on the Customer Portal)

At the bottom of the DASHBOARD, a “Coming Up!” section will show upcoming classes/camps/parties.

Need more assistance?

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