How Do I Configure My "Business Information" Settings?

Learn about the "Business Information" section of the SETTINGS menu and how the information stored there is used in other areas of the program.

What data is configured in the "Business Information" section?

The area under SETTINGS>BUSINESS INFORMATION contains general information that iClassPro uses to communicate with your business. These include your business name, address, contact phone number(s) and the email address(es) used to contact the billing officer or business owner regarding account matters.

The following settings defined here are used elsewhere in the program:

  • Business Information - this information is used on Statements if you have chosen "Business" type statements under SETTINGS>SETUP>FAMILY SETTINGS>STATEMENTS (as opposed to "Location" type).
    • Legal Name of Corporation, Partnership, or Other Entity - Information entered here is not customer-facing. This name will only be referenced by iClassPro for use on receipts sent for fees that are charged to you.
  • Primary Contact – the email address listed here is not customer-facing. It will only be used by iClassPro for communications with you regarding your account.
  • Country – the country/countries chosen here determine(s) which Provinces/Counties/States are displayed on all address forms in the Office Portal or Customer Portal. This setting is also used to determine whether some country-specific reports are displayed (such as the Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report).
  • Default Province, County or State – this is automatically selected on all address forms in the Office Portal or Customer Portal. Determined by the selected Country above.
  • Time Zone – sets the timezone for your location. This setting will affect the timestamp used for recording of charges/payments and records of bookings/enrollments.
  • Preferred Date Format – this should be set according to the date format where your business is located. (Important note: having the wrong format selected here can cause student birthdates to be imported incorrectly, with month/day switched.)
  • Currency symbol – displayed on all financial reports, ledger screens and the Customer Portal shopping cart.

Need more assistance?

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