How Do I Configure Receipt Options for New Payments?

Learn how to configure the options for payment receipts in iClassPro.

Which options are available to generate payment receipts?

When a payment is created in iClassPro, a receipt is not automatically generated for the customer.  When creating a payment from the "New Payments" screen, staff members are automatically prompted with receipt options:

  • PRINT a receipt for the customer
  • EMAIL a receipt to the customer's email address

Where do I configure the Receipt Options?


Customizing Receipt Options

You can customize the default options to suit your needs. This includes whether or not the options to email or print receipts are enabled by default, which copies of the receipt to print when a credit card payment is taken, and the ability to add custom text to the bottom of the receipt itself.


  2. Under Receipt Options, you can choose to enable or disable the entire receipt dialog when processing a payment.
  3. Under Default Email Options, you can choose whether or not receipts are selected to be emailed by default. (This can be checked or unchecked when processing each payment from the family ledger; the option to "Email Receipts From the Transactions Page" can be checked or unchecked each time payments are processed under TRANSACTIONS>PAYMENTS.)
  4. Under Default Cash and Check Options, you can select whether or not to print a customer receipt by default (this can be checked or unchecked when processing each payment).
  5. Under Default Credit Card and eCheck Options, choose to print a customer and/or merchant copy of the receipt(s) by default.
  6. Under Business Identifier, add your Tax ID number to be included with your location information on printed receipts, Family Full Ledger Report, Family Annual Total Receipts Report (FIN-15), and all Statements.
  7. Under Footer Text, add a personal greeting or thank you that prints at the bottom of the customer's receipt (outlined in red below). Note that the Footer Text is plain-text only.
  8. Under Refund Policy, add any information related to your policy regarding how refunds are handled and processed. Information entered in this field will be displayed on all receipts throughout the system, including those from the Customer Portal. On printed receipts, this information will appear just before the "Footer Text" (to meet Visa requirements).


Need more assistance?

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