Student Attendance Report

Sometimes it's necessary to run an attendance report for a single student, or for a family, or even for a whole class at once.  We've made it easy with our Student Attendance Report!

To generate the report:

  1. Navigate to the STUDENTS page.
  2. Select the student(s) you want to be included on the report. (You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to help limit your results.)
  3. Click on the Reports icon at bottom of the page, then select “Student Attendance Report”:
  4. Set your report filters:
    1. Start date/End date
    2. Location(s)
    3. Enrollment status (Active/Inactive)
    4. Select specific Program(s)/Class(es), or leave these filters blank for all.
  5. Generate the report as HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV by clicking the appropriate button:

That's it! The report that is generated will contain the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Attendance Date
  • Class Timeslot
  • Class Name
  • Attendance Status (Present/Absent – if tardy or left early, will be noted here)
  • Excused indicator (If absent - Yes/No)

The results are sorted in chronological order; if more than one student is included in the results, the students will be listed alphabetically within each date’s results.

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