How Does the Time Clock Work in the Staff Portal?

Learn how to access the Time Clock in the Staff Portal (if the option to do so is enabled), and which Staff Portal settings are directly related to the Time Clock.

Instructions for Staff

You will be presented with a “Time Clock” option upon logging into the Staff Portal:


After clicking the Time Clock link, you will be able to use the Punch Pad screen to clock in or out (depending on whether you are set to use one-punch or two-punch type to clock in).

Note that the system may record geographic coordinate (geolocation) data to mark your physical location when clocking in/out (if your administrator enabled the option to do so). If enabled, you will need to allow these settings on your mobile device or tablet in order to use this feature. The clock-in/out buttons will be hidden and a warning is displayed until you click the option to allow your browser to access your location.

If the "Show time clock in Staff Portal" option is enabled and the staff member has a Timeclock PIN set, the system will check to see if the user is logged in when they access the "Attendance" or "Skill Tracking" views. If not, a prompt stating "As of [date] [time] you have not clocked in" will be displayed to alert the user.

Instructions for Administrators

To allow staff members to clock in and out via the Staff Portal, you will need to enable the options to do so under SETTINGS>STAFF PORTAL (note that these permissions are disabled by default):


Also note that you can choose to show the Time Clock on the Staff Portal (allowing staff members to check their current logged time) without actually allowing staff members to clock in/out. You will need to decide which configuration works best for your business.

Once you enable the options, your staff will see the “Time Clock” link upon logging into the Staff Portal.

The Staff Portal Time Clock also has the option to store the geographic coordinate (geolocation) information of the staff member when clocking in or out. (The clock-in/out buttons are hidden and a warning is displayed until the user clicks the option to "Allow" when the browser/device requests Location services.)

If this option is enabled, a location pin will appear in the Office Portal view for Time Clock entries generated from the Staff Portal. Clicking this pin will open a Google Map with a marker showing the user's location at the time of creating the Time Clock entry.


Geolocation services are an approximation and should be used as a supplement to other data.

Need more assistance?

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