How Do I Create a New Class Enrollment From the CALENDAR Page?

Learn about the different ways to create a new class enrollment from the CALENDAR page.

See our "Getting Started with Classes" guide for more information about creating classes and enrollments!

Creating an enrollment using the "Enroll Student" button

  1. From the CALENDAR page, click on the class timeslot for which you wish to create a new enrollment. This will launch the "What would you like to do?" window.
  2. Click the "Enroll Student" button.
  3. Clicking on the "Enroll Student" button will present a prompt to search for a student by "Last Name" and/or "First Name."
  4. Complete the enrollment details for the student(s) by making any necessary changes to the following options:
    • Enrollment Type
      • NOTE: Selecting a MAKEUP type enrollment will display Makeup Token information for the selected student(s) if this feature is enabled. If the student does not have a valid Makeup Token to redeem for the enrollment, the staff member may or may not be able to complete the enrollment process (depending on their permissions).
    • Start Date/Drop Date
      • NOTE: Selecting a limited enrollment type such as TRIAL, SINGLE DAY, or MAKEUP will automatically set the Start Date/Drop Date to be the same.
    • Selecting a Billing Schedule Override
    • Enabling the option to "Override Tuition" and specifying an amount
    • Override any defaulted options to send an enrollment email/addendum
  5. Once you have made any required changes to the enrollment details, click "Complete Enrollment" to create the new enrollment(s).

NOTE: This process simply creates the enrollments and sends a confirmation email (if enabled). It does not automatically prompt the staff member to create charges or take payment. If this is required, staff members should use the "New Enrollment Wizard" icon to create the new enrollment(s).

Creating an enrollment using the "New Enrollment Wizard"

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