How Do I Setup/Configure the Grades Feature?

Learn about iClassPro's Grades feature and how it can be used to associate students with a specific school grade, and how to limit class/camp enrollments based on calculated school grades.

What is the Grades feature?

The grades feature is optional and refers to the student's academic grade-- such as Pre K, Kindergarten, 1st, etc.-- which a student is in. Grades are established under settings, then auto-assigned to existing students in the system based on their age. Each year, on the selected "roll-over date," students will automatically roll into the next grade up.
 If a student is auto-assigned to the wrong grade because they are advanced or have been held back, the grade can be edited from the student page.

Grades can be used as a requirement on classes for students to be automatically approved for an enrollment. However, only one grade can be attached to a class. 

Defining Grades in Settings

To get started, grades must be defined in your settings. Go to SETTINGS>SETUP>STUDENT SETTINGS>GRADES to edit the settings.

Create a Grade List

Each account will start with a blank list for grades. Add new grades by clicking the "Add New Grade" button. Then type in the name of the grade, then click save. Once a grade has been saved, it will appear on the list to the left of the window. Create/sort this list so that the grades are listed from youngest (top) to oldest (bottom).

Next, go to Settings>Setup>Student Settings> Grade Options

Enter a Rollover Date and a Starting Age

The Rollover Date is both the date which determines the student's grade and the date on which all students will be rolled over into the next grade. So if May 31st is selected as the rollover date, iClassPro will use the student's age as of May 31st last year to determine which grade the student will be assigned to. When May 31st arrives this year, all students will be automatically rolled over into the next grade on the list.

The Starting Age is the age which is assigned to the top grade in your list. Each grade going down the list will be automatically assigned the next age in line.

For example, based on the screenshot above, if your starting age is "4" and the first grade is "Pre-K", any student that is four years old will be designated as grade "Pre-K." One the specified rollover date the next, year, they would advance to grade "K", then grade "1", etc.

NOTE: Once a student's birthday passes and they meet the minimum age, they are assigned to the appropriate starting grade. After that, their grade will advance forward on the specified rollover date. 

Viewing/Changing a Student's Grade

Grades will be automatically assigned to students once the above setup is complete. To view which grade a student has been assigned, go to the Student page in iClassPro and click the edit icon next to a student. If the grade field simply says "Default", this means that the student assigned the default grade that their age would indicate according to the grade list, starting age and rollover date in settings.
If the default grade determined by age is not correct for this particular student (such as if the student is more advanced, started school late, or was held back), then you can override the grade by changing the drop down to a specific grade label and saving the student. If you override a student's grade, their grade will still increment each year after the rollover date.

Using the Grades Requirement

To restrict students who enroll in a class or camp by grade, it must have a grade selected in its requirements section. This will be located in the Class or Camp details, in the requirements section under age requirements. (As seen below.) Any students which sign up for a class/camp with a grade requirement MUST be assigned to that grade to be approved from the Customer Portal. Even if the age requirements above include students of other ages/grades.

Note: If the grade requirements conflict with the age requirements on the class, no enrollments will be automatically approved.



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