How Do I Email Future Class Enrollments?

Learn how to send an Email Blast to students who have enrollments with a start date in the future.

These instructions are for sending Email Blasts to future class enrollments from the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page. If you are sending Email Blasts from the CLASSES page, see our "How Do I Send Email Blasts from the CLASSES Page?" document.

The key to emailing future enrollments is the Active Date filter on the left-hand side of the FAMILIES and STUDENTS pages. 

Simply change the Active Date to a date after the enrollments begin and use the program, class, and other filters on the page to get the right group of families or students. Once you have the correct list of families/students, use the Email Blast Feature to complete the process.

Note: Another great way to see who was successfully emailed is to check your background tasks for the Email Blast and click the drop down arrow for more information.

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