How Do I Insert Images into iClassPro Emails?

Learn how to use images in your Email Blasts to customize their look and draw your customer's attention to important items.

How are Images used in Email Blasts?

Images are great eye-catchers for emails -- they can brand the email to include your company logo or highlight upcoming events. However, pasting an image directly in an email can result in display issues when viewed in your customer's email client, and can even get it flagged as a potential security risk or SPAM by referencing data from an external server.

To avoid display issues and avoid your email being sent to the SPAM folder, see the instructions below on how to upload an image correctly to the iClassPro server for use in an email blast.

Which Image Formats are Supported?

iClassPro supports the GIF, JPG/JPEG, or PNG image formats for in-line viewing (i.e., the image will be automatically displayed within the Email Blast when it is viewed by your customers).

Uploading a New Image to an Email Blast

1. Open the Email Blast Wizard

From the family or student page, open the emailing window by first selecting who you want to email, then clicking the email button as shown below.

2. Click the Upload Image Button

In the Email Blast Wizard window, click the Upload Image button. The upload image button is show below.

3. Choose the Upload Tab in the Image Properties Window

Choose the upload tab, then click choose files and browse to the image file you want to upload. After finding the image the file name will appear to the right of the "Choose File" button. To use this image, click the "Send it to the Server" button.

After your file uploads, you will see a preview on the right side of the screen. In this window, you can set an alignment for the image in relation to the text of the email, enter alternative text for customers whose emails cannot display images, and change the size of the image. If you are satisfied with the image, click OK. See example below.

To ensure both desktop and mobile users have the best experience reading your emails, we recommend using images that are between 450 and 500 pixels wide. Conventional emails are usually set to a fixed width between 550 and 600 pixels. While perfectly acceptable for desktop computers, mobile screens are much smaller. The most common mobile email readers average around 320 pixels wide.

The most popular Android and iPhones allow for a 300-320 pixel width when held vertically and a 480-pixel width in landscape format. iPhones resize emails to fit the screen, but many other smartphones do not, so you will want to design your emails with this in mind.

If you are happy with the image, click the OK button circled above and the image will be inserted in the email.

How to Insert a Previously Uploaded Image In An Email Blast

After uploading an image, you can use that image in any email. To insert a previously uploaded image, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Email Blast Wizard

Open the window by first selecting you want to email, then click the email button as shown below.

2. Click the Upload Image Button

In the Email Blast Wizard window, click the Upload Image button. The upload image button is show below.

3. Click the Browse Server Button in the Image Properties Window

After you click Browse Server, a window will pop up with all of your previously uploaded images. Click the "Use" link under the image to load it into the preview screen for editing.

You will now see the image appear in the preview screen (Image Properties>Image Info). Make any necessary adjustments, then click OK to insert the image.


Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).