How Do I Customize iClassPro's Automated Emails?

Learn about automated emails, how to customize/brand them to reflect your corporate branding, and how to utilize Email Template Versions.

What are Automated Emails?

Automated emails are any emails that are automatically sent by iClassPro upon completion of a certain task, such as the welcome and enrollment emails that are sent when customers create new accounts or enrollments via the Customer Portal.

You can customize these emails to brand your email with custom text colors and graphics, update the wording to add important details and more.

Configuring Default Email Templates

  2.  Select the type of emails you are editing by which area of the software triggers them. The templates are split into three sections:
    iClassPro - the emails in this section are triggered by staff member actions in the Admin/Office portal of iClassPro. 
    Customer Portal - the emails in this section are triggered by customer activity in the Customer Portal, such as registering as a new family or enrolling a student online.
    Custom - used for emails that you regularly send to parents or students, custom emails allow you to save the template within the system and select it when sending Email Blasts or Statements.
  3. Choose a template from the list and click the pencil icon to view it.
    In the example below, I chose the template called "Class Enrollment Request Approved."

  4. In the editor (as shown below), you can make any desired changes to the automated email's content. The words in the blue boxes are email variables, inserted with double brackets such as [[family_fname]]. These will fill in with the information that is relevant to each particular enrollment request. To add or remove relevant variables, use the Variables menu in the toolbar to see available options. Some options may be specific to this particular template. 

    NOTE: Any invalid variables will be replaced with an empty text string. Because some of these variables may have been coded to work only for this email template, if you ever need to see the original copy of a template to see the original variables included, you can click on the reset symbol icon next to it in the list of email templates.

    But be careful! Saving the reset email template from that view will cause it to replace the customized email template that your business is currently using.

  5. After customizing your template, click "Save." The next time the automated email is generated, it will use these updates.

Email Template Versions

Some Email Templates will allow you to create different versions to be associated with classes/camps attached to particular programs. These emails will display a “Version” symbol beside their names:
If the email template has more than one version, a number to the right of the symbol will indicate how many versions exist:

Creating a new Email Template Version

1. Click the pencil/edit icon to the left of the email template.
2. Under the “Version” section, click the MANAGE VERSIONS button:
3. In the MANAGE VERSIONS window, click ADD VERSION:
4. Enter the VERSION NAME, then click SAVE:
5. To edit the email template and select which Program(s) it should be associated with, select it from the “Version” drop-down menu:
6. Expand the “Programs” area and select all Programs the email template should be associated with, then edit the Email Body as needed. (NOTE: any Programs not selected here or associated with another email template version will use the Default template instead.)
7. Click SAVE when you are finished.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this feature, please feel free to contact us at

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