How Do I Submit a Trial Request from the Customer Portal?

Learn how to submit a request for a Trial enrollment via the Customer Portal/Mobile App.

What is a Trial enrollment?

The "Trial" enrollment status is used to signal students who are enrolled for a single day to "try out" the class. Trial enrollments are also considered free within the system and will count toward the maximum enrollment capacity on classes. 

When a Trial request is submitted via the Customer Portal/Mobile App, a request is generated in the Online Activity that must be approved by a staff member.

How do I submit a Trial request?

Trial enrollments are created in the same manner as Active enrollments.

However, if you have enabled the option to "Allow Visitors To Request A Trial Enrollment" under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION, an option to "Request a Trial" will be displayed in addition to the "Enroll Now!" option:


Selecting this option and completing the checkout process will create a Trial enrollment request for the selected student(s). An email will be sent to the customer letting them know that their Trial request was received. Once the enrollment is approved or denied by a staff member, they will receive a follow-up email letting them know that it was either approved or denied.

If a Trial enrollment is requested for a class that meets several times throughout a given day (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm), the enrollment will actually be created for ALL of the timeslots attached to the class (due to how iClassPro handles class enrollments).

If the class has multiple meeting times on several different days (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and Wednesday from 8pm-9pm), the student will only be enrolled for the date selected for the makeup.

Trial enrollment availability may be affected by the setting to "Restrict enrollment start date based on class start time" under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>CLASS REGISTRATION.

If your system is configured to allow visitors to request a class that is full, it is possible to submit more Trial requests than there are available openings in the class (as Trial requests are not auto-approved). Trial enrollments are never submitted as a Waitlist enrollment, as Waitlisted enrollments are intended to only be approved to an Active-type enrollment.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).