What is a Skill Tree?

Learn what a Skill Tree is, and how the different "layers" of the tree work together for skill evaluations.

Definition of a Skill Tree

A Skill Tree is a visual representation of your curriculum.  Your Skill Tree is constructed in a hierarchy, where one layer nests below the previous one:


These skill tree layers allow you to customize your skill tree to your class needs. As a student progresses in their skills, they will work their way up the skill tree until the discipline has been mastered:

  • Individual SKILLS are achieved until an EVENT is completed.
  • Individual EVENTS are completed to finish a LEVEL.
  • Individual LEVELS are finished to master a DISCIPLINE.

What is a Discipline?

Disciplines are the top layer of a Skill Tree.  All Levels, Events, and individual Skills are attached within the overall Discipline.

Examples of Disciplines could be: are Swimming, Dance, and Gymnastics.


What is a Level?

Levels are the second-highest layer of a skill tree, and nest directly below the Discipline. They can be easily customized according to your school’s curriculum.

Examples of Levels are: Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


What is an Event?

Using Events as a part of your skill tree is optional. They are often used as locations, or areas, within a facility.

Some examples of Events for gymnastics could be: Bars, Beam, Floor, and Vault.

Some examples of Events in swimming could be: Dog Paddle, Breast Stroke, and 50m Race.

If your school does not use Events, simply deselect it when creating a Discipline. Gymnastics schools would typically utilize Events, while Swim schools usually do not.


What is a Skill?

Skills are the baseline of your Skill Tree. Students are evaluated on individual skills, which are attached to either Events, Levels or Disciplines.

You can quickly add skills to your Skill Tree by using the multi-select option.


To update/create your Skill Tree, navigate to your skill tracking settings under SETTINGS>SKILLS>SKILL TREES.

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