What is the Camp Tuition Charges Task (Global Camp Billing)?

Learn about the Camp Tuition Charges task and how to use it to charge tuition fees to students in bulk from the TRANSACTIONS>CAMP TUITION CHARGES screen.

What are Camp Tuition Charges?

Camp Tuition Charges (previously called Global Block Charges) will allow you to preview and post (process) outstanding charges for all students with enrollments tied to one or more camps.

Businesses that require payment in full or require a deposit on signup for camps through the Customer Portal will not need to use this tool. However, it can be used as a precaution to make sure that all customers have been billed in full (in the case that some enrollments were entered by staff).

This tool is particularly useful for businesses that operate camps in request mode (camps that do not Auto-approve requests checked in the Customer Portal tab). In request mode, iClassPro does not bill the enrollees automatically because there is no guarantee that the enrollment will be approved by the staff member. In this case, both the deposit amount and any unbilled amounts of tuition can be charged from the Camp Tuition Charges task.

NOTE: Accounts with multiple locations will need to run this task separately for each location.

How the Filters Work

Billing Types and Duplicate Charge Detection

There are two billing types to choose from when using Camp Tuition charges. These options are the Deposit Only and the Full Unbilled Amount of tuition.

When running the task with the Deposit Only option, iClassPro will use the deposit amount from the student/attendee deposit table in each camp's Pricing Schedule to determine if the deposit amount has already been charged for each student enrolled in the selected camp(s). If iClassPro does not find a charge on the customer's family ledger, using the camp tuition line item and the charge category selected in the filters, that is greater than or equal to the deposit amount in the pricing schedule - the charge for the deposit amount will be created.

Note: If you are using a percentage-based deposit amount, the amount will be based on the camp tuition cost and will not take into account any additional costs based on user-defined questions.

When running the task with the Full Unbilled Amount option, iClassPro will use the full price from the student/attendee table in each camp's Pricing Schedule to determine if the tuition has been charged in full.  If iClassPro does not find a charge on the customer's family ledger, using the camp tuition line item and the charge category selected in the filters, that is greater than or equal to the price in the pricing schedule - the remainder of the full price will be created as a charge.

Note: If the pricing schedule or the amounts in the pricing schedule changes between the time the student enrolls and the time the Camp Tuition Charges is run, the pricing attached at the time of the task will be used for the deposit and full unbilled amount evaluations.

Early Bird Discounts

Early bird discounts are a method that can be used to temporarily discount all eligible camp tuition charges that are being created to encourage early payment. Customers which pay their camp tuition prior to the Early Bird Cutoff Date will retain the dollar or percentage discount that has been designated in the early bird portion of the special discounts area of any discount schedule attached to their enrollment.

Once the Early Bird Cutoff Date arrives, the camp tuitions will return to their normal price automatically.

Running Camp Tuition Charges


Follow the instructions below to place charges on customer accounts for the desired camp enrollments.

Note: If your business runs multiple locations out of one account, the location selected at the top of the screen will dictate which location is being billed for.

  1. Navigate to the Transactions page.
  2. On the left side of the page, select Camp Tuition Charges.
  3. Choose the Billing Type for this set of charges.
  4. In the Student Active filter, select the type of dates to use and then enter the appropriate date, month, or custom date range according to the fields provided.
  5. Enter a Charge Date to indicate when the fee is being assessed.
    • NOTE: While it is possible to future-date charges in iClassPro, we do not recommend doing this as it makes tracking the payment in financial reports more difficult.
  6. Enter a Due Date to indicate to the customer when payment is due for the charges.
  7. (Optional) Choose Bill Only Selected Camps to specify certain camps for billing, rather than billing all camp enrollments which take place within the date range established by the "Student Active" filter.
  8. (Optional) To reward customers for early payment, you may select to Allow Early Bird Discounts and then enter the Early Bird Cutoff Date.
  9. Click Preview. The preview will generate in your background tasks for safe keeping but should open automatically if you do not navigate away from the page.
  10. At the top of the preview, is a Filter Summary. Click Show to review all filters from the previous page.
  11. Review the charges that have been calculated for errors. The preview will list all enrollments the system found which match your filters. Enrollments with a box highlighted in blue will be billed.
    • If you have questions about how the system determined a particular tuition price, expanding the entry will reveal the calculations used, including any discounts/proration.
    • NOTE: If you make corrections to camps or enrollments, you must run a new preview to see the changes.
  12. When you are ready, click Process to post the charges to customer accounts.

Posting the charges can take some time. You can review the progress of the task in your background task.

Record Keeping

Once complete, the task status will read "Done" and a down arrow will appear next to the task. Clicking the down arrow will take you to a summary page of all charges that were processed and the filters used for creating the charges. To save this information, click Save to CSV. This document will also generate in your background tasks. Once complete, click on the document icon or down arrow to save the file for your records.

NOTE: The Process Result file will include a column noting any errors that may have been detected when creating tuition charges.  You may need to make manual corrections to these entries.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).