What are the Appointment Settings Options?

Learn about the various setup options in the SETTINGS>SETUP>"Appointment Settings" section and how they are used to configure various settings and features related to appointments, Services, and Pricing schedules.

General Appointment Settings

The General Appointment Settings are miscellaneous settings that determine how the system handles various options related to appointments and appointment bookings.

Facility Availability Hours

The Facility Availability Hours define the hours the facility is open and therefore which hours are available for appointments to be scheduled. This is used when creating individual appointment timeslots to ensure that bookings are not created outside normal operating hours (unless the staff member creating the appointment timeslot has been granted permission to "Override Appointment Daily Schedule").


A "Service" defines the specific intention of the appointment. Each appointment is linked to a specific Service. The defined Service name is displayed on the Customer Portal/Mobile App in place of the word "Appointment", similar to how Camps use "Camp Types" to group similar camps together.

Pricing Schedules

Pricing schedules are how iClassPro's appointments feature determines how much to charge for appointments. At least one pricing schedule must be created before an appointment can be created and saved.

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