How Do I Record Attendance in the Staff Portal?

Learn how to record and view attendance for students and classes using the Staff Portal interface.

Quick Attendance Indicator

A check mark icon appears next to classes to easily indicate whether or not attendance has been recorded for classes for a specific date. A green check mark indicates attendance has been recorded, while a light grey check mark indicates attendance has not been taken.

Recording Attendance

  1. From the list, select the class or camp for which you would like to record attendance.
  2. From the list of students, use the Present (check mark) or Absent (x icon) indicator at the top of the page to select attendance for all students, then modify individual student records as needed using the check mark and x icons.

    After selecting Present for a student's attendance, you can click on the student's name to reveal options for Tardy and Left Early, which will highlight in green once selected. If the staff member has the permission to "Excuse Absences in Staff Portal" enabled, they will also be allowed to mark an absence Excused.

    Below is a list of all possible attendance statuses and indicators:
  3. After marking attendance for each student, click the Submit button which appears at the bottom of the page.
  4. Wait for the Attendance Recorded confirmation before exiting the page.

Viewing Past Class/Camp Attendance

To view class or camp attendance for a past date, simply use the date tool to navigate to that date from the initial attendance list, then select the class or camp you would like to view.

Note that if a student's name is subdued, this means an attendance record exists for that student but their enrollment dates no longer include the date the attendance was taken (either by deleting the enrollment or editing the start/drop dates).

Viewing an Individual Student's Attendance Records

  1. Filter the classes/camps by a date that the student was enrolled and attending class.
  2. Click on the class or camp the student attended.
  3. Click on the student's name in the list of students shown.
  4. Click the dark blue Attendance Records section.
  5. Choose from the ALL, CURRENT and PAST options at the top of the screen to find the class(es) or camp(s) attendance records you would like to review.
  6. Click the plus sign (+) icons next to classes and camps to view additional dates and attendance.

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