How Do I Allow/Prevent Transferring Makeup Enrollments?

Learn about the option to allow or prevent transferring makeup enrollments (located under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS>”Enable Transfer of Makeup Enrollments.”)

The "Enable Transfer of Makeup Enrollments" setting allows administrators to allow/prevent transferring MAKEUP-type enrollments.


NOTE: This setting is enabled by default to maintain existing behavior.

  • When the option is enabled, the system will allow the transfer of MAKEUP-type enrollments.
  • When the option is disabled, the system will not allow the transfer of MAKEUP-type enrollments.
    • From the STUDENTS, FAMILIES or CLASS enrollment views, the transfer button will be hidden for all makeup type enrollments.
    • From the CALENDAR view, the transfer button will be hidden for makeup enrollments when transferring a student from the current class into another. If you are using the option to transfer a student to the current class from another, the system will hide makeup enrollments from the list of enrollments for that student.

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