Merchant Portal / How to View Transfers and Transfer Details

To view transfers, click “Transfers” on the left-hand side of the screen after logging into the Merchant Portal and/or selecting an account.

There are a number of filter options available to locate the transfer(s) you are looking for:

  • Submerchant – If the account has multiple submerchants, choose a specific submerchant to limit your results. The filter defaults to “ALL.”
  • Start Date/End Date – Limits results to transfers on or after the start date and on or before the End Date. (If no dates are selected, only results for the current calendar months are shown.)
  • Method – Allows you to specify a particular type of transfer:
    • Unknown
    • CP (card present)
    • CNP (card not present)
    • eCheck
    • Adjustment
    • Fees

After selecting your filter(s), click the FILTER button to apply them.

There are also a number of options for which columns will be displayed in your results.  Those shown with a blue selection box below are shown by default:

  • Date – the date of the transfer into your bank account.
  • Submerchant – The submerchant associated with the transfer.
  • Type – Credit or Debit transaction
  • Method – will show CNP if the transactions making up the transfer were made via the payment gateway; CP will be shown if the transactions making up the transfer were made via an external credit card terminal.
  • Status – Completed/Pending
  • Sale Count – The total number of sales transactions included in the transfer.
  • Refund Count – The total number of refund transactions included in the transfer.
  • Chargeback Count – The total number of chargeback transactions included in the transfer.
  • Net Sales – The total settlement amounts for all transactions included in the transfer.
  • Chargeback Amount – the total amount of any chargebacks included in the transfer.
  • Total Fees - The total amount of fees assessed for the transactions included in the transfer, including transaction fees, any account fees (such as the monthly gateway fee) and card brand assessment fees.
  • Net Settlement - The amount actually transferred. (Net Sales – Chargeback Amount – Total Fees)

To view details of a particular transfer, click on the transfer in the results list.  This will bring up a summary screen showing each transaction included in the transfer along with any chargebacks, account fees and card brand fees. Refunds are designated as such in the “Type”, and the amount is shown as a negative entry:


If needed, filtered results can be downloaded in CSV format for external reporting purposes.  Just click the “Download” icon at the bottom of the results.


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