What is the Credit Card Splits Report (FIN-8)?

Learn about the Credit Card Splits Report (FIN-8), its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the Credit Card Splits Report?

The Credit Card Splits Report allows you to track income by Credit Card Type and the financial Program/Charge Category those card payments were applied to. The report gives a total amount processed by card type; not individual charges. It can be limited to show only payments taken by staff or those submitted through the Customer Portal.

Totals reflect amounts processed and kept, voids and deleted amounts, along with a grand total of payments received.

Available Formats

The Credit Card Splits Report is available in either HTML, PDF, XLS or CSV format.

General Filters

  • USE CREATED DATE INSTEAD OF DEFAULT ACTIVE DATE: if enabled, the system will look at the date/time the payment was actually created, rather than the “Active Date” assigned to the payment.
    • If this option is enabled, the system will display separate CREATED START DATE & TIME/CREATED END DATE & TIME fields.
  • ACTIVE START DATE/END DATE: the system will only show payments with an “Active Date” that falls within the specified date range. (This is the default option and maintains current behavior.)
  • LOCATIONS: the system will only include payments associated with the selected Location(s) in the results.


  • CHOOSE PROGRAM: selecting one or more specific programs will limit the results only to payments applied to charges assigned to the selected program(s). (Leaving this filter blank will include all Programs.)
  • PAYMENTS FROM: allows you to filter the report by how the payment was created:
    • Staff – shows only payments created by staff members within the Office Portal
    • Customer Portal – shows only payments created by families within the Customer Portal
  • PAYMENT TYPES: allows you to limit the report to only show certain payment types
    • E-Check - uses bank account information to process the payment individually through a payment gateway.
    • Credit Card - uses saved credit card information through a payment gateway.
    • Credit Card Present - credit card information is manually entered for a one-time payment.
    • Credit Card - Swipe/Insert/Tap - requires that a payment gateway has been configured on your account and that you have either a USB Card Swiper set to Keyboard Emulation Mode (KEM) or Integrated PIN Pad Terminal.

Display Options

  • Show Account Types – if enabled, the system will break out the total amount by card issuer/type (such as VISA, Mastercard, etc.) and bank name (if eCheck is used). If disabled, it will just reflect a total per program/charge category.

Need more assistance?

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