How Are Policies Reflected in the Staff Portal?

Learn about how Policies impact the Staff Portal, particularly in regards to policies that have been rejected or not accepted.

Student Policies Alert Icon for Student Attendance

When viewing student attendance from the staff portal, a new alert has been implemented when you open attendance for a class or camp with students enrolled who have not accepted required student policies.


After dismissing this alert, a red dot alert and a missing policies icon will appear next to students which are missing the required student policy acceptances. This icon will also appear on class roll sheets. This enables coaches and staff to prompt customers to go online and agree to the latest version of that student policy.

Single Student Details:


Student Photos and the Special Photo Waiver

For businesses that do not elect to enable the default photo waiver under Settings>Student Policies, there will be no change to the student photo functionality in the staff portal.

If your business has enabled the special Photo Waiver included in your settings, then the agreement status for that student policy will impact whether photos can be displayed next to student names in the staff portal. It will also impact whether photos can be taken or uploaded for certain students.

When taking attendance through the staff portal, no image will be able to be displayed or taken for students which have a rejected status for this policy. If the staff member attempts to take a photo, they will receive the following message:


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