What is the Staff Portal Mobile Interface?

Learn about the Staff Portal mobile interface and view a video highlighting how staff members can use it to easily record attendance.

What is the Staff Portal mobile interface?

The Staff Portal is set up for Staff members to log in and perform a variety of tasks, including recording skill evaluations and attendance.  The Staff Portal can be accessed either via web browser or through the Staff Portal app.

Attendance functions of the Staff Portal include:

  • Camp Attendance Tracking
  • Student Photo Taking
  • Enrollment Alert Icons
  • Full Attendance History by Student
  • View/Take Student Notes
  • Attendance Taken/Not Taken Indicator

Preliminary setup

Before a staff member can utilize the Staff Portal, it must be configured under SETTINGS>STAFF PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS.
Staff Portal settings include: 

  • Enable Staff Portal - this setting must be enabled for staff to access and navigate the Staff Portal.
  • Enable student images in Staff Portal - if enabled, staff will be allowed to view and upload student images from within the Staff Portal. (NOTE: If the student photo waiver policy is enabled and required, this option will only appear if the student has accepted this policy.)
  • Sort attendance and evaluations by student first name - if enabled, student names will be sorted based on the first name of the student.
  • Show instructor name on schedule listings - if enabled, the name of the instructor will be listed when viewing the class list on the Staff Portal.
  • Show zone below class/camp name - if enabled, the zone assigned to the class or camp will be listed when viewing the list on the Staff Portal.
  • Show outstanding balance on roster - if enabled, the amount of the outstanding balance will be shown when viewing student details in the Staff Portal.
  • Enable Attendance check-in mode - if enabled, the Staff Portal will allow you to check students in one at a time.
    • NOTE: since iClassPro requires a complete set of data to record class attendance, this means that as soon as the first student in the class checks themselves in, all other students will be marked as “Absent” for the class. Attendance status will be updated as each student checks in or they are manually marked “Present” by a staff member.
  • Show time clock in Staff Portal - if enabled, staff members will be able to view their current Time Clock details in the Staff Portal.
  • Enable Clock-In/Clock-Out - if enabled, the staff members will be able to clock in/out in the Staff Portal.
  • Require Geolocation for Clock-In/Clock-Out - if enabled, staff will not be able to clock in/out in the Staff Portal unless they have Location Services enabled for their browser/device.

Geolocation services are an approximation and should be used as a supplement to other data.

Any user accessing the Staff Portal must be set up with an active Staff profile in the account with a unique username, password and the necessary permissions to access the Staff Portal. A reliable Internet connection via computer or mobile device is required.

Note: any settings enabled in this section apply to all staff members with permission to access the Staff Portal.

If the "Show time clock in Staff Portal" option is enabled and the staff member has a Timeclock PIN set, the system will check to see if the user is logged in when they access the "Attendance" or "Skill Tracking" views. If not, a prompt stating "As of [date] [time] you have not clocked in" will be displayed to alert the user.

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